This is my helmet.

I have many helmets when I ride a motor scooter. It puts a sticker only for me. And today's Japan is going to end 2013.
And I intended to begin surfing in this year. However, it was impossible this year. I intend to take an action in the next year. It is Board Shorts which I ordered from Patagonia of USA this year.


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The custom of my TMAX continues.

Tokyo is Christmas of 25th today. I do not have pleasure of Christmas. I do busy work during one year. And there is neither the turkey nor the cake. As for dozens of years, I spend such Christmas alone in Tokyo.

In my head, it is full about BMW. This is because it is my pleasure. And, as for me, BMW is all.
I am assigned to a custom of TMAX and think now. I am because I hate to get on in full normal.And it is important that I maintain parts equipped with by TMAX. As for it, I want much time.

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I cut screen of TMAX.

I gained short screen of the outside a company building since I purchased this TMAX. I just thought of the shortness of the above-mentioned screen. I cut it without spending money really. Because screen is not flat, it is difficult. I intend to reach the end of the screen now.

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I Like Garam.

As for me, the first cigarette was a primary schoolchild. It was a feeling of the for fun. I experienced this Garam at the age of a junior high student for the first time. I got this cigarette yesterday. This cigarette is very strong in tar and nicotine. When I ride a motorcycle, this cigarette is the best.

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I met Joe in W-BASE.

It was yesterday. After work was over, I went to Shibuya. It is to encounter Joe visiting Japan. I did not meet in Tokyo since 2009 when he visited Japan. It was little time, but I could meet him and was glad yesterday. I thank for W-BASE which invited him to Tokyo. And he felt that it was impossible because he drank liquor. And I thought that I wanted TMAX to take a test ride on the occasion of a next visit to Japan.
And it is floor of the second floor of W-BASE. I thought that I was very splendid. It is the space that can feel the history of BMW. You should go to this floor by all means. And, please feel BMW. I thank for MOTO and TOKU.

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It is a rider of new BMW.

I always knew the existence of Nigel. It is the rider that the bicycle motocross is splendid as for him. I study his technique in YouTube. Very Nice!!!

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