I like Funkmaster Flex.

He is DJ which is famous in NYC. When, as for it, I went to NYC; of HOT97 listened to the radio. Hip hop which he mixed was wonderful. And I was surprised. When there was cassette deck, I recorded his radio and brought it in Japan. And I was surprised to purchase his first album again.


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I went for the visit to a grave of the aunt today.

I went for the visit to a grave of the aunt today from the morning. I am brought up than mother in the side of the aunt. It was daily life that mother was busy with work. It had a big existence of the aunt to a primary schoolchild since I was young. And I was in NYC when an aunt became in critical condition. And the aunt lived until I went back to my own country from NYC. It was a state of the aunts who lived by machine. It was lacking in the figure of the aunt who was in condition to be able to move neither the body nor the voice. I watched the last of the aunt and was able to take me.

And I went to the secret box. It is exchange to the thing which is new because Bike Cradle of Bike Tower of Minoura failed as for it. It changes the design which is better than former Bike Cradle.
And Bike and the place for sneakers and clothes are limits in this secret box. I am looking for a big place early.

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I changed the air cleaner of the motor scooter into normal.

Tokyo is intense rain today. I decided to change the air cleaner of the motor scooter for normal from yesterday. It is weather of the repetition of the gentle rain from intense rain. And rain stops and is the funny weather of the sunny interval. It I of the scream of nature have a feeling. I carried out an intense activity in the rain under the roof of the home bicycle parking lot. I finished exchange to a normal air cleaner safely.

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I like Hip hop which is Jazzy.

I remember 1992. It is an album of Miles Davis released in 1992. I like all the music of this album. And I have an album now. It is not a CD. I have a record. It is my precious record.
And he does not exist now. I think that I left much splendid music.

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I will go to NYC next month.

I like Video of this HUF. It is because a skating spot is NYC. It is my favorite NYC. If long time and Video in the street of NYC are good, I feel it.

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I end the maintenance of the motor scooter in this.

I decided the tire exchange of the motor scooter today. However, it was rainy by the weather forecast. I change a tire outside; it is possible only to work. As for it, I felt relieved by rain of the gentle rain degree.
I ended the maintenance of the motor scooter in this. I offer this motor scooter to Aoi of the girlfriend. And I intend to change to Yamaha T-MAX. However, there is not T-MAX which can satisfy me. It is the number of the distance and degree and a price.

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I maintained the motor scooter today.

I changed it today because the parts which I purchased from the shop of the site arrived. It is Brake Shoe of the rear of custom parts. I was pure Brake Shoe during 12,000km. There was little decrease of Shoe of this period, and it was not able to be satisfied with genuine brakes. Because I wanted to try the brakes of custom parts, I changed it.
I dislike maintenance and the exchange in the shop. It is that all being able to speak me perform it by myself. As for it, the price of the wage is ridiculous.
And I changed it for the black of custom parts from a genuine brakes cam. This is the good appearance and a slightly longish brakes cam. And I changed a genuine mission oil cap for the silver of custom parts from chastity, but I changed it for a black cap at the same time.
And I go to the secret box. It is replacing it and check of sneakers of the air of the secret box. And I looked at sneakers of Vans Syndicate Authentic Pro which I purchased in NYC in May of this year. I like this design and color.

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