It is BMW of my pleasure.

My visit is always Friday. However, I was told to come to Ken on Saturday. I was excited at BMW since October of the last year. And I was glad that I encountered Ken. And I was glad to be able to meet Doug D. As for me, the reencounter with him is after a long absence.
And it is Mama bicycle of Japanese constant seller Bike. It is Austin to have visited in this. I laughed very much. And I did not meet him for long time either. I was glad that I was able to encounter Austin. It is Very Nice Austin.


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I came to NYC in 2013.

It was a fine day as for the weather that I arrived. It was very hot. However, I turned into big rain with thunder from a gentle rain when it became near the evening. The trip to NYC which I think of feels that there is much rain. I moved to a shop while avoiding rain. My opening event is to go to Tattoo Shop. This continues for some time for years.

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This is a record.

This painted the record which I did not use. It is troubled with the design that I cannot be satisfied. And one piece of both sides were completed, but I am not satisfied. And the second piece record is only one side. I am troubled with a design now.

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I like Hip Hop of the sampling of Jazz.

I think that the times when I can download music to think that I want it are strange now. I like only a record. As for it, sound quality and the jacket of the needle only for records are the best.

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I did not know Miles Davis.

I knew the existence of Miles Davis in The Doo-Bop Song released in 1992. It is splendid. I heard his past Jazz. I like his music. I feel that he leaves much splendid music.

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I like the 80s.

I have many memories. It was the very favorite times in the 80s. It is Dance and music. And I feel the Japanese car and motorcycle if there are many favorite things. And a car and the motorcycle of the present 80s are expensive. Only it is because it was splendid. The present Japanese is not interested in a car and a motorcycle. As for it, many Japanese youths do not have a license. I feel a question for a young Japanese.

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I make many originals.

I think about the painting of BMW in the record which I do not use. This is a beginning of the second piece painting.
And it is a helmet of my FOX. This is a thing only for me, too. I like things only for one's thing. I dislike things same as a person.
And I am Sunday in search of a record of the 90s. I have many records to be looking for. It is one of the pleasure to be looking for.

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