My favorite Red Bull arrived.

Rain Jacket of this Red Bull arrived. It is from Austria. I paid the postage, but pay a duty so far without being requested. And the amount of money is the euro. I think that a duty is lower. And there was a magazine of X Fighters. X Fighters is performed in Osaka in June of this year. I am not interested in an event in Japan.


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This is an accessory of DQM.

This is an accessory of last DQM where I was interested in.
I am not interested in present DQM.
I like products of first DQM. And I think that it is the best.
When I went to NY, it goes to DQM, but I will not buy a product. I will only watch only sneakers.

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Today's Tokyo is strong in wind.

I feel recent weather and abnormality of the temperature. It was rain and the wind that were intense on the evening of yesterday. It continued at night. When I woke, the sky was clean, and the temperature was high today. And the wind was strong. I act as always. I cannot perform all. It is because I am absent only on Sunday.
I can think time and another person with the money to be good. I do not have money and time at all. As for me, time is more important than money. I am to regard everyday days as a record about Bike of BMW now.
It is my favorite 80s and early 90s. I do not have an interest at all in present major Hip Hop.
I maintained Race Link. It is because a feeling of Bike of my first BMW is big.
And it is my favorite NYC and Hip Hop. This is the 1989s.

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