This is parts of Bike.

I thought about the purchase of much Bike parts in this NY. However, the shop closed for Sandy. Because it is nature, I do not bear a grudge. And it was calm that I did not have food. I look forward to a trip to next NY.
I Love New York!!! and Brooklyn Machine Works!!!

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I changed Housing again.

I was not satisfied with a color of Housing of Launchpad of BMW. I changed it for various colors. And the color that I was able to be satisfied with was purple.

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I dislike life of Tokyo.

There are many people who are stupid when I watch many Japanese. It is a Japanese of the peace-at-any-price mind-set. It has many a youth and elderly people. I feel a limit for life in Tokyo for days. And I am tired.
And I will think a lot what I am interested in to want to try it next year.

And I feel a question to recent Nike SB. It had good SB of the former model. I do not have the SB which I want recently. It feels the past for not only sneakers but also all things and people. I think that the present world is funny.

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A friend of NY is more important for me.

I do not like Japanese. It is a man. It is because it is the Japanese of the small heart. And I am not interested in a Japanese living in NY. This feels that there is not the Japanese having a thought same as me. It is because I experience poor life.
It is Barbeque Tool Set presented by Chris of my friend. I was very glad. As for me, a friend of NY is the first. He is the first rider of BMW. I will be to be defeated by him. I think that he is splendid. And I think that it is an everlasting friend.
And it is perfume of Calvin Klein which I use more than 20 years. I was not able to do shopping in this NY. I bought it in JFK Airport of the return.

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Wow!!! This is a precious frame.

This frame is a thing of Alex of former Supreme Crew. It is a frame of 24 Supreme cruisers. The frame at that time is heavy. However, it is a very precious frame. And it was brought in by the second painting.

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This Bike is one now.

In this NY, I was able to watch the frame which I thought about of Joe. It thought that I was very good. When I watched Bike which he welded it and built, I was excited. And the shifting of the front was not put on, but I think that the shifting of the front is put on when I go on the next time. This is 29er thinking that I am good.

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This is a frame of new BMX.

I think that the frame in front was good. However, I thought that a new frame to think about of Joe was good. It is the one of the frames which I want now. And Forks is cut with a product made in Taiwan and is welded again. As for it, a cut and the welding are Brooklyn.

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It is pleasure in my NY.

In this NY, I tasted the first experience in NY. I did not worry about being in the United States of the different country. As for it, my mental condition was stable than I worked with life in Tokyo. Even if all NY stopped it, there was not fret of my feeling at all. It thought about only a thing of Brooklyn Machine Works which I thought about anytime. The existence of Joe for me is big.
I have a T-shirt always write messages of Joe. This is my pleasure, too. And I had Cap of BMW write a message in Joe. And I had you write it in Cap from Darren.

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I looked for this, but there was not it.

I wanted to see Half Cab pro of this Metallica in NY. And I went around the shop for four days, but was not able to look. All shops closed for Sandy and were not able to look afterwards. It was days of very disappointing NY.

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