I can understand me without saying.

I think that a Japanese does not have self-will. It is a youth liking Hip hop.


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This is made in last Brooklyn.

I have many frames to put much Bike together into early. It does not have time and parts. And it is planned Gangsta#433 to assemble now. It does not have Cruiser fork.

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I changed a handlebar today.

My off Sunday was over today. As for it, a day is very early. Because I cut a former handlebar briefly, I attached other handlebars. However, I ordered it from American deity because I was not able to be satisfied.
I cut only 2cm with a handlebar. And I changed the outer cable. It is because a former outer cable was hard.

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It is the 80s when I think.

I like NYC very much. It likes the 80s of NYC. However, NYC from the 70s through the 80s was dangerous. I wanted to go to NYC at that time. As for it, only mother had myself. And there was neither the food nor the drink. I think that my this feeling can understand only myself. It is the human being that a Japanese is stupid. And it is a human being doing peace-at-any-price mind-set now. I watch a stupid Japanese every day.

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