I attached a tire today.

I went to secret Box today from the early afternoon. It is because Tokyo is hot. And I attached a tire only for the rear.
And I adjust brakes of Launchpad. The adjustment of these 996 brakes is delicate.


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I lack time of the day.

Today's Tokyo is very hot. It is painful that it arranges Bike outside. And I went to purchase insufficient parts today in Bike shop of Setagaya. I have a holiday only on Sunday.
And I attached brakes of Launchpad outside. It attaches 996 brakes to only the front. I hate to attach brakes.
And I am Hats TBR of which I ordered from Profile Racing of Florida before. I thought that I wanted this Hats very. As for it, Hats of TBR is splendid.IMG_3918.jpg
And I adjust brakes of Big Ben. It does delicate adjustment with a caliper of Avid.
I want to get on Big Ben early.


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A photograph arrives from Chris of NY.

I watched a frame of Chris in May of this year. It was a splendid thing. As for it, most are V brakes specifications. As for it, his Tour-boro was disc brake specifications. I feel that the frame which Ken makes is the best.
I want to test his Tour-boro. I like frames that Joe thinks about it and designs. And I feel that a current Japanese is not interested in BMW. I think that BMW is splendid.

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Mame comes home today.

Mame returns to one's house today. And I do not understand a day to be able to encounter Mame next. I become lonely.

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I expect life with Mame.

Life with Mame will become tomorrow a week. My work is busy. And it is very hard work at this time. It thinks that I die of heat stroke. However, I am healed in life with Mame. I take care of Mame. It is caused at 5:00 of the morning by Mame. It is because Mame wants to go for a walk.
As for my work, sleep is important. When sleep is not enough, it is carried to the hospital.
Still I take care of Mame. It is the feeling that the life with the dog is great. When I think of Mame to be waiting in one of them anytime, I want to give love.

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I have only little time.

I assemble Gangsta#433 little by little. It does not have my time. And the parts are not enough, too. This is made in Brooklyn which last Ken welded.

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It is early that time passes.

I want to build Big Ben early. However, brakes cable was insufficient. As for it, rear cable was not enough.
This Big Ben is not finished. It coordinates a delicate caliper. And I am troubled with size of Stem. It is 35mm and 50mm.

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I lose heat.

This Bike is Bike of past BMW. However, it is Bike with my memory. It is Bike which is not released formally in BMW. I feel that this is my treasure. This is disc brake specifications only for the rear. Because I had a short brakes cable, I traded with a long cable.
And because there wanted to be Big Ben on me, I built it, but parts were not enough. And a body screams by heat of Tokyo.

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