It is work of my Sunday.

Tokyo is very hot every day. As for it, my health is tiring. My sweat does not stop. I drink much water. This is because it dies when it does not drink much water. I feel influence of the world warming.
I went to Shibuya while much sweat flowed. It buys brakes cable of Bike. And I watched a records.
And I removed dirts because Air Cleaner of my Scooter was messy.


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This is an only frame.

This Bike is a thing of Ken of the welding engineer of Brooklyn Machine Works. This is the only frame which he made. I ran 16 Powers ST in spring. This uses very splendid frame and parts.

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I am troubled with a color of this Stem.

I think to see Stem of precious AZONIC. It is troubled whether I sharpen it, and I switch from Polished of the soup stock to Black. I will be to be troubled a lot from now on.IMG_3867.jpg
I want to try much Stem and HandleBar. And I feel that I am important to Seat.

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I like Bike most.

I like Bike where anyone can get on without a license. However, the Japanese rider is stupid. I get on all vehicles. It is dangerous to the vehicle. I think that it should be relieved only for an injury, but must prepare for the death.

Teva MTB Athlete: Paul Basagoitia Natural Terrain Double Backflip on Pinkbike

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I live with a records now. It looks for a records now. As for me, the life without the records is not thought about.

I do not look back in the past, but think that the music is special. It is because past music is splendid. I am not interested in current music. It is all genres from Japanese music.

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I ordered Bags.

For me, Bags is an important の thing. I arrived today from American New Hampshire. This is small-sized Bags.

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I attached Bottom Brackets to a frame today.

I am going to assemble a frame of Big Ben little by little. All parts have it equal. However, I do not have time.
And I wait for many frames to be built. It is 24 Cruiser and Tour boro and Gangsta.
The weather of current Tokyo varies. As for it, much rain falls. And much sweat flows for moisture.
It loses much physical strength. I spend effective daily life regardless of whether I die at this time.

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It is the yesterday's event.

It is the pleasant place that I visit twice a week. It performed a 20-year-old birthday of Ayumi of the staff in three people. I think them to be splendid. And I recognize them.
I thought about a present of Ayumi, but understood nothing. And I asked Ayumi on the day. What does it want? And her answer was a cheeseburger of McDonald's. I was surprised at her answer.
I felt whether she was this, and I was all right in a question. It satisfied her. And, as for me, she was able to watch a nice face. And I am glad on a 20-year-old birthday of Ayumi.
And the cake was the best cake which Aoi chose.

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This is from the beginning by the work of the frame.

This frame is Big Ben of BMW. I tore off the clear painting. Because much rust was seen, as for it, I dropped rust with rather thin paper from the beginning. And much rust was seen in the state of the frame of the half day.
I painted rust prevention of clearing it. Then I painted around three times of clear painting. Because rain calmed down from the afternoon, today's Tokyo started the painting. There is much rain in Tokyo of the present time. Because it is sultry with temperature, it is the worst.
This Video is my favorite NY. It is that I like Bike, but the work of Messenger can feel death with time. I think about various things.

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There is much rain in present Tokyo.

The weekend of Tokyo of this week is rainy. As for it, my feeling falls. My plan changes. There cannot be it on Bike. And I can get tired because many plans change. I dislike life from June of Tokyo to September. It is rain and heat.
Of the assembling of Bike much as for me plan it. And I am going to change parts of Bike. I collect many parts.
And I worry about Mame. It is because it is not distance to be able to encounter anytime. And I can encounter Mame in next month. It is that my elder brother goes to Hokkaido. I am Mame and a one-week stay.

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