I change parts of Bike of BMW.

I changed size and a color of Chainring of the SS. It is parts of my favorite Profile Racing. And I changed Chain for CP from Gold.
And I am Launchpad to think about about most. It does not have big tire and brakes. I intend to change many parts. It lowers the size of the tire. And I attach the brakes only for the front. And I changed it for Arams of Madera from Profile Racing.
And Rims and Hubs of 24 Cruiser were built. As for it, many parts are insufficient. And there is not the place for many parts, too. I am troubled and think.


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Parts arrived today from the United States.

Profile Racing of my favorite Parts arrived today from FL. Because I wanted these parts early, I made arrival early. It arrived in five days from order. I thank for Matt of Profile this time.
I do not like Japanese parts. It has the good parts. However, I like American parts. And I expect the development of parts of Profile. I use it and feel that it is the best.

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I do not have time at all.

I have a plan to assemble much Bike. However, I do not have time. And parts are insufficient. I ordered parts from American Profile yesterday. I am puzzled in buying it in Japan. It is because a price is high. And this is because it can get tired of the Japanese agency. I am tired from a Japanese very much. It is because many Japanese are stupid.

And it is 24 Cruiser and Big Ben where completion is expected now. It has my name to all frames. And a photograph does not have it, but the completion of Gangsta is expected, too.
And I like Half Link Chain now. It likes designs of the appearances. And this is because it does not chew a hem.
And I am troubled at the place of the museum of Brooklyn Machine Works. I think about where I want to unfold. It is my dream of the present.

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As for me, shopping in Japan is ridiculous.

I always look forward to shopping in NY. As for it, I am very fun. I do not spend money to go to NY. The Japanese brand and parts are the United States, and it is a high amount of money. And the American brand and parts are very expensive in Japan. I can get tired of all.
And it is a strap of HOLD FAST where I asked for a custom. This is the color that I thought about nothing. I think of it at the present. This color is a color of New York Mets. I do not use it now either. It is because there is not the turn of this strap. I think that this strap becomes precious.
Thank you HOLD FAST!!!

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I obtained this records.

I was looking for this record for long time. However, a timing to purchase it even if I sold was bad. I was able to obtain a lot of records of the 70s and the 80s yesterday. It is many records.
I hear many genres. And I am not interested in Japanese music. It understands neither the music nor the artist.

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This is a very high price.

This is very high CNC Machine. If there is this Machine, it can make many things. It is splendid Machine. As for it, Joe of Boss makes many things. It is Machine which I cannot purchase even if I work forever. It is a dream that I make the thing which I think about in this Machine.
And Brooklyn Machine Works has much Tool. It has much Tool which I do not have. As for it, I intend to prepare much Tool, too. It is because I hate depending on Bike Shop of Tokyo.
It is because the price of the fee is high. I want to perform all.

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I collect products and send it to BMW.

I think about only a thing of NY and Brooklyn Machine Works every day. I like BMW very much. It is all of me. I think that there is a fan of much BMW in Japan, but I do not recognize it.
This is Z of the Japanese eyewash. I intend to send much Z.
I thank for BMW every day. It is Joe and Ken and Darren of Boss. And I thank for Leigh and Wes of the wife of Joe of Boss. I collect many products to send it to BMW now.
I want to help BMW than life of Tokyo. When I die, it wants to transfer my all money to an account of BMW in BMW. I like BMW this much.
And it is a frame of Gangsta which performed a take-out this time in Tokyo. I avoid rust. It performed handling of flame early yesterday. I drop all rust and paint the rust prevention. And I ended the painting of clearing it. This is one frame only for me.
This frame is one of only me. It is not made in Taiwan. This is made in Brooklyn. It is the frame of my many customs. It is Brake Bridge and Water Bottle and Gussets. And my name enters.

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I want to try it with most.

I am not young. It must think about my life. I do not understand whether 20 years are lived in in the future. I want to leave that I lived. I think about it now in Tokyo or NY. When it thinks about future Japan, I am tired from life and work in Tokyo. As for it, the youth does not pay a tax for most. And this is because many elderly people increase more than now. As for it, the facilities of the elderly person of present Tokyo increases. And I can get tired of there being many car of the elderly person and riders of Bike.
This Japanese politics and police are stupid. And I dislike many Japanese. And I am not interested in Japan and a Japanese. I want to pay the United States a tax if I pay Japan a tax. I pay a tax from 15 years old. When I became an elderly person, it is insurance. It falls the amount of money of the current elderly person. It is because a youth does not pay a tax. When I become an elderly person, the amount of money will fall more than now. I think that life in Japan is impossible. The world people, please do not expect it of Japan. I am tired from stupid Japan.

And I try Slim Jeans. As for it, I was not interested in the bottom of Slim. I tried on Slim Jeans in this NY. It is OLD NAVY which a price is low in.
And I purchased many parts in NY. I do not buy parts from the Japanese agency. It is because I think that a price is ridiculous. I think that only the Japanese who does not think of it in a question should purchase parts.

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I purchased Rims in NY.

I do not have a place for Bike now. I am troubled very much. It wants to make Tour boro of BMW, but a place and parts are insufficient. And 24 Cruiser is similar, too. I was able to buy Rims of Sun for $ 40.
And I am looking for a record of Hip hop. I am looking for a record of the 80s and the early 90s.

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It is a frame of Gangsta only for me.

This is a frame made in last Brooklyn. It is a frame of Gangsta of my many customs. This is my treasure. I drop rust early and want to paint the rust prevention. And I intend to do the painting of clearing it to a frame.
And this frame is a frame of the BMX for Joe to test it. It is not yet decided whether this frame releases it. It is the frame which I think that I want it.

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As for me, BMW is all.

I relied on the welding of the frame of Gangsta last year in Ken of BMW. I expected flame made in Brooklyn. It expected flame of Gangsta only for me.
This was able to watch a splendid frame. I asked Ken for many customs. This is Gangsta frame made in last Brooklyn. Thank you Ken and Joe.

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This is my Cruiser Deck.

I thought about the purchase in Deck of the brand. It is Deck of 5 boro. It thought that a design and size were good. However, I chose Deck of Supreme.
I feel that I do not get a wrong choice of this Deck.
I chose Sector 9 by choice of Wheel. And Bearings is cheap Reds. I am satisfied in this. And I bought two to change Bearings of my present Cruiser.
And I brought in Fork of BMW. This is welding of the pedestals of V brakes in Fork of Gangsta#9. And I brought it in to weld 996 pedestals to Launchpad. I said a business of this Fork to Ken. I always thank for Ken.

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This is Decktape only for me.

When I went to NY, I buy MOB GRIP. I do not buy Tape in Japan. It is because Japan is high. It has free Shop if I purchase Deck. I do not buy Deck in Japan.
I always paint Tape in BMW. I expect a thing only for me as much as possible. It is a thing of my favorite BMW. And I am a place liking BMW very much.
It was NY which was very hot on that day. And it was Memorial Day on that day. I want to experience long life in NY. I do not expect life in Japan.

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