I study every day.

I met Aoi which acted in the shop of my friend and was interested in Nail. I expect her talent. And I examine Nail. I think that I should think about work only for her. I was not able to take a photograph with her today. I intend to support her from now on. As for it, she is young. And I think that all her being interested should act.

And I wear one perfume more than 20 years. It is because I was not interested in different perfume. It is because I wish I remember me if I smell this.
And I heard the name of the perfume which I did not know by the encounter in the shop of my friend. I examined this perfume. And I am worried about a fragrance.
It is BOND No.9. I feel surprise in this brand having many fragrances.


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The plan of my Sunday was over.

I always did a plan to go to Shinjuku for today. As for it, it is a fine day as for the weather of today's Tokyo. And temperature is very high. I am a day of the best to run by a motorcycle. Then I went to Shibuya because there was a shop to want to see. And I bought brakes in Bike Shop of Setagaya to return.
I decided to attach brakes to Gangsta#238. It is attached to only the front. It cannot add brakes to a rear wheel.
As for this, reinforcement for Japanese Bike became severe. It makes only Fixed Bike an enemy. These are strengthened by the death of the elderly person in Shibuya and the arrest of the rider of Fukuoka. Because there is such a rider, I am annoyed.
And rust is frequent in the top tube of the frame. When I check it, there is much rust at other places. I want to remove rust in the future.

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I changed Bike.

I got on Gangsta#80. As for it, current Gangsta#80 is the best. I put it in secret Box with maintenance and good parts.
I dropped rust of Cluster forks attached to Gangsta#238. I painted it in black a little in Fork. And I did the painting of clearing it to be over.
I went to secret Box today. It is for installation of finished Fork. And there is the rust of the frame of Gangsta#238. As for me, rust is an enemy. I expect clean Bike anytime. I change to Gangsta#238 and drop future rust and intend to maintain it.
It is a stickers only for me whom I made. I always think about Brooklyn Machine Works. It regards different quality as a person.

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I got impatient.

I sharpened the pedestal of V brakes in a company. It is welding of the pedestals of V brakes in Taiwan. This is not welding of Ken of BMW. I was going to attach V brakes, but a bolt was broken by turning on a volt. I am a change with brakes. And the pedestal cut it.
I will be to sharpen it by hand from now on. And I planned clearing it, but may paint little black. It is because a cut is deepened.

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I want to widen a hobby.

I was always interested in Surfing. It was interested for more than 25 years. I intend to begin it from now on. I feel the splendor of the woman than a man. A woman interested in Bike likes it.
I want to challenge it in this year. I did not watch the sea more than 20 years.

And I have many hobbies. It is collection of record. I like the early 90s including favorite Hip hop. It is many genres. As for it, I like wide genres.

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My plan is not possible.

As for it, a plan of my Saturday was not possible. It was rain of Tokyo. My plan changes because of rain. It must change a plan on my off Sunday. Because all plans change, it can get tired. Because it is nature, I understand it.
I come in the morning in the shop of the friends. Then a friend from the afternoon is gone to its office. As for it, I can get tired of the action of a free friends.
Then I go to the place for Bike. I am to sharpen a frame of Gangsta#9 with paper. My plan was not all possible. It was not able to end all of frames.
I wish it is over next Sunday. It varies according to weather. Because there is many it, my plan is very important to the weather.

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This drops rust of Foks.

This is Cluster Forks of BMW made in Taiwan. It is Forks attached to my Gangsta#238. It was kept at long time by secret Box, but rust was seen. I exclude Forks and intend to drop rust.
I avoid even little rust. I drop rust and want to clean it.
Gangsta#238 does not have brakes now. I intend to attach brakes to only the front desk in future. My Gangsta#238 does not have a pedestal of brakes in the rear. This is a matter of course. As for it, I am annoyed by a Japanese accident. Current Japan is duty of anteroposterior brakes. I feel that I make only Fixed Bike an enemy in a question. It is stupid Japan.

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I can get tired of Japan.

I can get tired of future Japan now. I do not expect life in Japan. It was said to this that the commuting of Fixed Bike was not possible from the company which I committed. I thought that I seemed to be stupid. It has many riders who are more stupid than me. It is a judgment that I watch the news that a rider of Fukuoka was arrested as for the company man. As for it, the Japanese does a judgment that I watch news. I feel a question in making Fixed Bike an enemy. I can surely watch a stupid rider. I am tired from all Japan. I expect life in NY if I feel such. It is that there is not a Japanese interested in current BMW.
And, please do not expect it of Japan in the future now. As for it, the young human being is interested in nothing. It has many young human beings who cannot give one's opinion. And it is the country of many elderly people now. It is Japan where a lot of elderly people increase from now on. I do not understand a meaning to be in Japan. It is because it is the government and the police and a racial stupid country of the peace-at-any-price mind-set.
It is a product of BAPE which I bring in Brooklyn Machine Works. This is a secret. I think about only a thing of BMW anytime.

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I am tired from a current Japanese.

There are many riders of current Japanese Bike. However, many riders are stupid. And Fixed Bike decreases. As for it, Fixed Bike has anteroposterior brakes. As for it, many riders are free Cogs. It can get tired that I get on Bike in Japan.

And it is a product of THRASHER to present in Ken and Darren of BMW. I will bring it.

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Today's I was done as planned.

I go to Shibuya in the first today. It goes to look for a used records.
It of the records is not popular. And the price is stable than before. However, it is a high price depending on a thing. I can get tired.
And much DJ sells a records. I cannot sell. As for it, many human beings are not interested in a records. It may be to be the times of a CD and the computer. I intend to look for only a records.
I went to secret Box from Shibuya. It is Bike of BMW and a safekeeping place of parts. And clothes and the sneakers are kept, too.
Tokyo in the future is warm time. I replace clothes and sneakers.
And rust of Forks of Gangsta#238 is seen. I exclude Forks from flame.
And I attach original Forks of Gangsta. It drops rust of Cluster Forks made in Taiwan and is going to paint the rust prevention. And I do the painting of clearing it if completed. It is a future plan.

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I am looking for many records.

I feel depths part differences and Hip hop. I felt it more than 20 years.
I heard Soul and Rock from 9 years old. I do not hear Japanese music at all. It is not interested. I may not hear it in future either.
I feel a question for the present youth. It is that anything has many youths who are not interested. It has many a fashion and music and youths without a hobby. I can often get tired.

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This is scream of nature.

Today's Tokyo is the worst. If it is rainy, wind is strong. In addition, like March 11 is hard to come home, and there are many people. I feel that this is Japanese punishment of much peace-at-any-price mind-set.
I think about daily way of life. All current Japanese is peace-at-any-price mind-set. It is many youths and elderly people.
And this is MONSTER ENERGY provided by a friend. It is size of 710 ml.

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My holiday of today is over.

My plan of today was over. It was to lose the second painting of Gangsta#9 of Brooklyn Machine Works. And I sharpen a frame finely this time and clean it.
I paint the rust preventive with this frame early and want to paint clearing it.
And I bring Fork of Gangsta#9 in NY. It asks Ken for welding with the pedestal of V brakes.
I want to go to NY early. It is tired from life and work of Tokyo. I can forget pain by going to NY.

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