Of yesterday have a series of. It is my action.

After having changed a filter of my Cygnus-X yesterday; of the exhaust of the car of my friend changed it.
My friend can change nothing. As for it, the friend often relies on me. Because I like exchange of parts, I put it into an action.
Because it supports car inspection, this exhaust is simpler because it is exchange from the back. And the volume is not annoying, too. I felt that I was unsatisfactory.
While we change parts, it is Aoi acting in a shop. She seemed to be severe in it for a cold.
As for it, I worry about her physical condition. She whom I think of does her best. She is very good.
And I wish she becomes famous Nail artist. It wants you to become the artist whom only she has only thoughts on. I support her anytime.


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I maintained parts.

I changed a filter pro-drive of Cygnus-X of Yamaha today.
It is possible for 420 yen of the price of the filter if I change it by myself.
I am possible in chastity of Taiwanese Yamaha. This changed the second.
A trouble happens when I do not change this filter. I check many parts for days.
Because I think, many Japanese seem to do the exchange in the shop. I can think that I seem to be stupid.
And I change the parts of the motorcycle of Honda of the friend yesterday.
This is chain guard. There is not my time. I cannot change parts for maintenance of much Bike.
However, I am glad if a friend is glad.

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I worry about him.

I received stimulation in having met him. As for it, I felt that he was a good human being fantastically.
I intend to support him. It is because he supports me.
And he returned to Washington D.C. of the hometown, but seems to be in NY. I send email to him, but there is not an answer. I worry about him.
When it is a treasure, I feel a friend of NY. There is not my friend in Japan. This is because I dislike Japanese.
And I wait for email when he watched my Blog. I think John to be treasure.
I intend to leave current Japan. It is because I can get tired of future Japan. I want to grow in NY liking a limit once of the life.

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I expect closing a shop of Bike Shop of Tokyo.

I cannot understand the future of Bike Shop of Tokyo that I yearn for. Does it change it to Shop of apparel and Bags?
And does anything become Shop which it goes flat and repairs of Japanese Bike which I cannot maintain?
I feel the end of future Japanese Bike Shop. This is because it becomes the country of many elderly people.
I see many elderly people now. And I think that even a young person loses interest in Bike.
It thinks that riders of Bike which is cheaper than expensive Bike increase. It is not only Bike.
It will be that interest disappears to all things. I stare at only the point.
Please do not expect it of current Japan and Japan in the future. As for it, Japan is a country of the end.

And it cannot be understood that David of Paris says.
What of BMW do you want to know? As for me, the parts of BMW are NY. I find many parts in NY and buy it
There are few things which I buy parts for in Japan. It is only a Japanese brand. It buys the overseas brand in NY.
It should ask that you think in a question in Joe of BMW.
Thank you for always watching my Blog.
I thank you. And, please watch my Blog in future.

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My holiday was over early, too.

The weather of Tokyo was rainy from Friday to Saturday. It cleared from the evening of Saturday, but my plan did not go well.
And I performed a plan of Saturday today. Then I went to Shibuya and Daikanyama. And Tokyo became strong in wind from noon. In addition, my plan did not go well.
It does not intend to bear a grudge against nature. My time wants it for days.
I am tired from work in Tokyo. And I feel a question for the company.

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I am tired from life of Tokyo.

In Tokyo, much rain falls. When it rains as for me, a feeling falls. I dislike rain.

I am interested in only Brooklyn Machine Works. This is Long T-shirts of 2005. I wear a long period. It has much damage. I love such a T-shirts.
And I support Aoi of a girls working in Shop of the friends. As for it, she studies Nail. Because she becomes famous, I support it.

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I have many hobbies.

I collect the stickers of many brands. As for it, Brooklyn Machine Works is basic.
It likes brands of New York. It is a thing of Recon Shop when Eldiridge ST had it. It is a stickers of Subwere of Stash.
Then I moved Shop in Lafayette ST, but closed a shop now. It is my precious stickers.
This is same as time of Park Bike released in double name of Brooklyn Machine Works and Recon.

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My plan does not go well.

If current Tokyo is rainy, there are many earthquakes. As for it, it rains on Saturday on Sunday. My plan changes all. Because there is only Sunday on my holiday, I am troubled.
I tear off the painting of Fork of Gangsta#9 of BMW. It ended the stripping of the painting of Fork.
And it will be to end a frame if there is my time. It wants to make the end early. And I will do the rust prevention painting and the painting of clearing it in future.
I like the painting of do not get tired, clearing it. And it is to do an action of the rust preventive painting early. It plans flames first.
A body reacts to my going to NY early. It wants to encounter a friends of NY early. I do not arrange a friends into my being lonely in Japan. A lot of environment that it is born, and grew up is different. It thinks that there is not the Japanese doing a thought same as me.

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There is much badness of the weather of the weekend.

I am tired from life of Japan. As for it, I often feel a question. It is the government and the police and a Japanese of much stupid Tokyo.
And there are many earthquakes in Tokyo recently. There was it on the morning of today. I feel Japanese peace-at-any-price mind-set. It thinks that nature screams.
And I brought Fork of Gangsta#9 to a house. It excludes Base Plate of CHRIS KING.
It thinks that many people do not know that Bearings of Head set of first Gangsta is different. I feel that it has many people knowing nothing of BMW.
I intend to tear off the painting of Fork tomorrow. And I intend to take this Fork in Brooklyn. It intends to have you weld the pedestal of brakes to Fork.

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As for me, all the parts of BMW are treasures.

It is Bar end which I relied on in Joe when I performed an order of Race Link for the first time.
This has only one. This is my treasure. As for it, I like normal Bar end, too.
All things of Brooklyn Machine Works are treasures for me.
And it is music of my favorite 80s.
This is music of 1984. I still look for a records of the 80s.

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I cannot play the records now.

As for me, Turntable is only one. As for it, one has been broken. And, in Turntable of Technics, production was over now.
I am only to look for used Turntable. As for me, the CD is not interesting. As for it, the good records is the best.

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I want many rests.

My holiday is only Sunday. It cannot act in all. My day is very early. I live in days carefully.
And I tear off the painting of Gangsta#9 on my Sunday. As for it, a small place was not possible. I cannot understand it on a day to tear off the next painting.
As for it, the color of next Gangsta#9 is clear with the anticorrosive painting of clearing it.
I am very favorite Brooklyn Machine Works.
It is the frame that this Gangsta#9 is very precious.

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I expect such an environment.

I think that many people understand that I like Brooklyn Machine Works very much.
I like only the frame which is Made in Brooklyn.
I remember that I visited BMW alone. I cannot leave it. I like Joe which remembered me.
I think that I want SR6 which I thought about of Joe. It is very splendid SR6 and BMX.

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I am troubled with the selection of of the seat.

I like seats of WTB. It tests the seat of many brands. It is a design and good stability. The seat which I want to test is Aviator of WTB now. This adds Joe of Brooklyn Machine Works to SR6. It is the seat which I want to test.
And it is the old record which I collect. I collect only records. As for this, a recurrence board was considered to be it in Japan, but I have an original records.

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I do not have time.

It is Bike of much Brooklyn Machine Works of my treasure. However, I do not have time to get in all Bike. I am sad.
I maintain all Bike and do exchange of Parts. And rust of Gangsta#238 is frequent. I exclude all and drop rust and want to start the anticorrosive painting and the clear painting, but there is not time at all.
As for it, rust is outstanding in Parts of all Bike. I think that my secret Box is the space where there is rust.
I think about a place displaying Bike early. However, I think that it is not Japan.
It is not the environment where Japan can be idle in Bike. And the police supervise it strictly for Bike.
And many riders are bad, but I watch a human being like me, and it is stopped by the police. I can get tired of the police.

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It does not include places to step on in Bike.

Japan does not include at all the places where there is Bike on. I can get tired of Japan. As for it, a rider of general Bike is stupid. It is man and woman of an elderly person and a child and a youth and adult. It should catch all riders. And it is a rider of trendy road Bike. I am annoyed by such a Japanese. I step on car and motorcycle and Bike. I feel the badness of the rider of Bike. I pursue nothing in Japan. As for it, I am where a sigh is given to. I do not wish I greet the last in Japan. I think that I move to NY.
I receive stimulation to many riders. I practice and want to become a good rider.

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I want to make this early.

I want to make 24 Cruiser of Brooklyn Machine Works early. I stare at this frame every day. I want to get early. There is me with such a feeling now. It does not keep all parts.
I think that I want Cruiser where Cruiser of the 90s and many parts are attached to. It is precious Cruiser which is a success. This frame is different from a frame of the 90s. I like the new frame which I thought about of Joe. As for it, the design which he thinks about is splendid.

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