This arrived today from NY.

I expect the sneakers of the Nike SB which does not let you release it in Japan. It is important to the color.
This is Dunk which is not released in Japan. This is not my thing. I ordered it for the northeastern young skateboarders whom I supported. I thank for a shop of much NY. Thanks!!!


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All painting was over.

As for me, the painting of a frame and the fork of Tour-boro of Brooklyn Machine Works was over.
I did the painting of clearing it since I painted the rust prevention. I feel that satisfaction is finished to made one. I dislike things same as a person. I intend to finish one only for oneself from now on.
There is not Rims of the parts which I want now.
I cannot purchase it in Japan. I catch it in NY in spring and go for it. And all parts are prepared.
I thank for Brooklyn Machine Works.

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This is a poster of my treasure.

It was 1990 at that time. As for it, I was crazy about sneakers of Jordan. This is a then poster. It is the poster of the sneakers with my memory. I was not able to come to like me after these sneakers. I was interested in the thing before these sneakers. However, I am not interested in sneakers of Jordan now.
I like combinations of Michael Jordan and Spike Lee. And I like movies of Spike Lee.

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I am not interested in Japan at all.

I felt Japanese stupidity for some time.
It becomes Japan as I thought. I feel it to see things in a glance different from a person.
It thinks that there is not the Japanese doing a way of thinking same as me. I think that it is because the environment that grew up is different. I did not have the food with poverty, too. And I was not able to be given the thing which I wanted. I worked from 15 years old, and it was possible only to buy one's thing which I wanted by myself.
It continues now. I continue working. I feel a question for life of Tokyo. I feel the coming end in Japan.
I want to put it in U.S.A. if I pay Japan a tax. I think about whether I can live for 20 years. It is impossible for me to live in Japan.
It can get tired of much Shop with stupid Japan and Japanese. It is that there are a lot of Japanese of the peace-at-any-price mind-set.
I like NY. It is NY which I demand. I do not have a desire at all. I intend to help it for my favorite Brooklyn Machine Works. There is all of me in BMW.
This is Longsleeve T-shirt only for me. I painted this.
I like making an original thing with oneself. It is one only for me. As for it, I dislike things same as a person.

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I like Red Bull.

I want a product of much Red Bull.
Because it is not supported, I regret it.
It is possible for me only to purchase these in Online. It is arrival from Austria. However, the payment is the euro.

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I am the very favorite times.

I do not look back on a past.
However, I look back and can hear the music. I like 80 and the music that are in the first half of the 90s.
I still have a records. However, I am not interested with the CD. It is only a records.
I buy a record from the 80s. It continues now.

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RED BULL is the best.

I think that I am fierce, but want to fly.

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All Japanese are stupid.

Today's Japan is a festival day. I do not have relations, and it works. I feel a question why I work in this country. It is a 20-year-old celebration of the youths on today's festival day. Many youths feel peace-at-any-price mind-set in not paying a tax. I think that future Japan means all ends. I dislike Japan and a Japanese. I am not interested in a Japanese living abroad. I am tired from life of Japan. I do not expect the last in Japan. I do not expect the life of the limit from Japan once.

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My Cruiser Deck is unfinished.

I choose Riser Pad.
It is 1/8 and quarter of the size, but it may be good not to attach it.
And I test the size of Wheel. It is 83a of 58mm now.

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This arrived from NY.

I thank for 2012 having visited me.
A Happy New Year. And I of this year think around NY.
And Nike SB arrived today from NY. Wow!!!
It thanks a friend of NY last year.
Please welcome me this year. And I intend to help a friend of NY.
Special Thanks!!! It is Brooklyn Machine Works.
And it is DQM and Supreme NY. It is a friend of much NY.

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