It is the place where many people died.

I cannot forget September 11, 2001.
The world people must not forget this truth.
I like NY very much. I bought the ticket of the airplane for NY of October for it in those days. It was told to quit that I went to NY by many people.
I went to NY in October. It did not hear what the person said.
Then a new building is going to be already built. Will it be the passage of times? I can feel me to be lonely. I have in thought of the time when I went down in an underground station of here.


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I painted the rust prevention of Cluster-fork today.

As for me, the anticorrosive painting of the frame of Tour-boro and the painting of clearing it were over.
I planned the anticorrosive painting of Cluster-fork next.
I enlarged the hole behind with reducing the end before painting rust prevention.
In this, I can attach Hubs of Profile.
The hole behind brakes is for a spare. As for it, I turn on V-brakes.
I hit anger on a manner of Bike to a police officer. It is to attach anteroposterior brakes.
It said the badness of the manner of the rider who attached anteroposterior brakes.
It is to say that there can be only Race Link and Park Bike in Bike of my present BMW.
It is severe in riders getting on mother and road Bike to pick up an elderly person and a child and a child on, and I should change a law.
Present Tokyo is funny. It is Japan and the police and the government. I can get tired of a Japanese every day.

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I have only one Turntable.

As for it, my one Turntable fails.
As for it, Turntable of Technics is the production end.
I cannot buy this with a new article. It has only the thing purchasing of used goods.
I am not ready to carry out the exercise of a long period.
This is because I do not think about the purchase of Turntable of the different brand.

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A product of THRASHER which I ordered in last month arrives today.

I waited very much.
I asked it in THRASHER. It is a shipment method. The answer was surface mail. I waited for one month. It was to say that shipment in International was surface mail.
I got tired after waiting for a product from San Francisco. It thought whether the surface mail waited for one month.
I do not buy many products in Japan.
I feel a question in purchasing a brand of USA in Japan. I expect International Website of many brands.
It expects that people purchasing a brand of USA in Japan decrease. I want to make stupid Japanese Shop closing a shop.

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I am a present of Christmas to me.

I cannot purchase Nike SB and Vans released in Japan.
I like released sneakers only for USA.
However, I am different from a design in a color. It is because I thought that I want the following sneakers.
It waits for arrival from NY in this month.

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I am very sad.

It is very sad that my friend goes out of NY.
It must understand that I leave NY to live with life in NY.
I am sad in many friends leaving NY. I want to help a friend.
My friend returns to the hometown.
I must understand those thoughts.
I intend to go out of Japan, too. This is because it does not expect life in this Japan.
It is John and Ken of my splendid friends.
I help them as far as I live. This is because it thinks that I am an everlasting friends.
I help Joe and Darren of Brooklyn Machine Works. And I help Ken.
And there is me in thought to help John.
As for me, Japan feels the end.
I do not expect Japan. It is that there are many stupid young person and elderly people.
I doubt in my paying such a person a tax why. Present Japan is funny.

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A custom of Air Cleaner of my Scooter.

I feel power of the exhaust by exchange of the exhaust.
However, I do not have satisfaction.
It feels that little power appeared by exchange of Air Cleaner.
I aim at the power of the town riding than the highest speed now.
I change it for many custom parts from now on.
The fuel by the run below is thin now. The upper run is the best. And I purchase a computer and must set it.

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This is Pedals of the ancestor.

I got Pedals of early Shinburger of Brooklyn Machine Works from Joe in October of this year.
This was that I always thought.
I had five sets before in early Shinburger, but regret that I sold it.
I am stupid now. I am daily life to regret.
This Pedals is a weapon. I think that this Pedals is splendid.
I like a way of thinking and a design of Joe.

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I made Cruiser Deck of DOG TOWN.

I try it without attaching Riser Pad.
It tries whether I should attach Pad.
I feel that I should attach it.
Japan thinks in a question in all products being expensive.
I am daily life to be able to get tired of purchasing it.

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I enjoy a custom of Scooter.

I ordered it to change it for parts of the outside a company building from a normal air cleaner.
I intend to test this. Tokyo does not have the way which can give the maximum speed.
The way where it pays money is possible, but 125cc cannot run. I think that it is Japan feeling stupid.

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I feel a question in Bike of BMW which is sold a lot.

I always feel a question for a seller of Bike of sold BMW.
I think of parts of BMW, but think in selling a frame.
I cannot sell the frame. It is because the frame which I have has feelings.
It is that serial number and myself of the frame which I think of take it home with serial number and myself of the frame which I think of from BMW. It is only one.

Do not buy that I think if I sell.
And I feel that I do not buy it from the seller of a frame and the fork.
A lot of buyers in the complete think that there is it. It feels that there is not a personal opinion. A Japanese is stupid. Shop and the buyer who it makes the parts which do not sell and makes it complete, and sell it are stupid.
I feel a Japanese agency and the stupidity of the seller of the sale by the do-it-yourself importing.
I think that the favorite person has little BMW. It feels that many people are not interested in BMW.
This is because a Japanese is not interested in coming to Japan of Joe of BMW.
It is only a fan of the agencies. There are many Japanese who it is stupid, and are stupid.
The seller thinks only that I sell at a high price.
Because it is not interested in BMW, the thing of BMW does not sell.
It is a frame of Gangsta which I ordered. Of course it is Made in Brooklyn.
I said the custom of this frame to Ken. I think that this frame becomes last Made in Brooklyn.
I think that this flame becomes valuable. And I cannot sell Bike of all BMW.

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My rest reached Shibuya.

On my holiday, I do not have time in a plan.
The anticorrosive painting of the frame of Tour-boro of BMW wants to do it.
And it is adjustment of Park Bike and the exchange of the chain of the SS.
And I want to paint the rust prevention that I drop rust because rust of Gangsta is seen.
There are many plans than these.
On this Sunday, I went to Shibuya with the northeastern young skateboarder whom I supported.
I support a product of DQM to him. It is Nike SB and sneakers.
These have help of John of DQM which is a friend. I thank for John every day.
However, this park is 200 Yen of two hours.
I was surprised. Anything can get tired of Japan paying money. I do not go to this park. Present Japan is funny. I do not suggest that the person from the foreign countries comes to Japan.
I cannot believe the Japanese top. In addition, the Japanese feels stupidity, too. And the police are stupid, too. I am tired from the work watching a Japanese. I feel future Japan to be over.
I like USA very much. I like coming way of thinking and action. I think that USA is the best.

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A rider of Bike of Tokyo that I look at is stupid.

I always felt a question in the badness of the manner of the rider of Bike of Tokyo.
It is mother and children and a youth and the elderly person who picked up many children behind.
And the badness of the manner of the rider of the road racer is outstanding.
It is a mistake that Japan can buy cheap Bike. When it causes the badness of the manner that anyone easily buys, I feel it.
I think that there are many Japanese thinking that it should purchase cheap Bike in accord with theft.
It had many people who could not go home from the day of the earthquake of March 11.
Only a method many people who cannot return to the house in Shop which Bike cannot sell either purchase Bike by the story that I heard, and to return is the thing that there was not. The sales were sales of 1500000 Yen. (US $15000,00))
Riders of Bike increase from this day.
I buy Bike to the person who was not interested in Bike, but, as for it, a manner is bad so far.
I feel that I make only Fixed Bike an enemy in a question.
I feel that I am the same as NY, and I should perform duty of the wearing of the helmet.
If it is such a duty, the rider of Bike feels that it decreases.
And I think the for two people of an elderly person and mother and the child to want you to strengthen the control.
I step on car and motorcycle and Bike. It thinks in many ways from a thing to step on.
I should prohibit an elderly person and for two people and the rider in the public road of the child.
And Shop should let you go bankrupt with a person to pick up with a rider of Bike to step on in a public road in Youtube. It is Shop of Shibuya and Fukuoka. A rider is stupid. I think that the fashion of Bike wants you to be over.
I feel that a favorite person should get heartily.
I am every day annoyed by very much.
I can get tired of a stupid Japanese. It is daily life. I want you to quit that you step on Bike by the fashion.
It is a frame of Tour-boro of Brooklyn Machine Works only for me.
I am not annoyed by a person. This is because I follow a manner. Though there is not the wearing of brakes, it does not have the accident.

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I like things different from a person.

I feel a question in the price of the product of the present overseas brand.
It feels a question in having high price of the overseas brand.
I am every day to think of why. I think it to be a stupid agency.
I do not buy an overseas brand in Japan.
It can buy KRYPTONITE in Shop of any place.
I like ONGUARD. This is because it is not released in Japan.
I do not believe this Cable either, but feel that there is not it that I am good. I buy many things in NY.
If international is possible, I order it. It is ridiculous to buy in Japan.
And will Ken of BMW be cheerful?
I am every day worrying about him. I look forward to beer to drink with him. And a frame of BMW which he makes is a thing having satisfaction. It is very splendid.
And it is John looking forward to drinking beer.
I like DQM which he commits. I stare at DQM. It is best Shop.
I always send email to him, but he is busy with daily life.
I thank him anytime.

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