I make time.

I paint the rust prevention with a frame of Tour-boro of BMW. In this, it is the second painting.
I plan the third painting. And Fork is not painted.
I am troubled with a brand of Hubs. It paints the rust prevention after I cut a column after performing select of Hubs.
As for it, rust is seen in Fork for non-painting.
I want to paint the rust preventive early.


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It is the exhaust which I was satisfied with.

I changed the third exhaust.
It fixed it by a design, but assent was not possible in volume.
As for me, the price more than 30000 Yen is not possible. I do not buy the exhaust of a high price.
A design and the volume are important to me.
And I choose the cheap exhaust.
I go to Shop of the motorcycle, but there is only the exhaust of a very high price.
As for it, only a design of the exhaust has confirmation. However, the volume is not possible.
The exhaust which I paid attention to before was a high price. It is 60000 Yen of a high price. (US $ 600)
I was able to get tired to hear volume. I did not need to buy it.
I intend to do a custom pro-drive in the future.
It intends to order parts tomorrow.
Then I make a front fork and the rotor of brakes big. And Calipers intends to buy brembo.

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I do not go on schedule.

All plans do not go well.
I wait for my rest until next Sunday. And I get a sigh.
I removed rust of Tour-boro of BMW today.
And I painted anticorrosive, clearing it only for 1 degree. It paints rust prevention thinly first.
As for it, the second anticorrosive painting was not possible.
The outside fell darkly on a day. Oh...
And the theft of Japan increases.
It is car and motorcycle and Bike.
I cannot leave Bike on the way. And I cannot let go of my eyes.
And many stolen vehicles do not return. It seems to be carried to the Asian area.
The car seems to have many Lexus and a land cruiser and hiace by the story that I hear by a rumor.
And the motorcycle is Harley-Davidson. It seems to have much theft of the large-sized vehicle.
I think that Japan is not a country having relief.
Many human beings must be careful about belongings.

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It is always precious BMW.

There is a little stock of Flat rat Stems of present BMW.
It does not have 55mm. And there is a little 35mm.
And 70mm might have the number of three. There was not Black of 70mm.
I chose 70mm. And I chose Cap without a logo.
I do not have a brand except Stems of BMW. It is not interested in a design of Stems of other companies.

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This is Cross Bike of Ken of BMW.

This photograph arrived from Chris of the friend of NY.
I worry whether Ken lives well.
I think him to be an everlasting friend. A day with him is very fun, and it thinks with drinking beer with him.
This frame confirmed that it was painted in dark yellow from blue.
I want to watch Bike in next BMW.

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I buy exhaust of Scooter.

Of the third of the exhaust of Scooter present as for me bought it to change it.
When this wants to think it to be the last, I expect it.
For a design and a sound of the present exhaust, satisfaction was not possible.
I intend to put a sound of the present exhaust on You Tube.
I put it on with this the third exhaust and want to test it.
I doubt whether this exhaust is the sound that can satisfy me.
I feel that it is a very quiet sound.
I avoid even a quiet sound. It is that the sound is delicate.
I expect the highest speed. I think about whether this exhaust has satisfaction on all.

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This frame is only one.

This frame is a frame of Cross Bike of Brooklyn Machine Works.
It is a frame only for the one which Ken made of the welding engineers.
The frame which he welds is the best. And I make a frame ordered for me by all means.
I am daily life to thank him. I enjoy drinking much beer with him very.
I help Ken. And he helps me, too.
I want to help him from now on. It helps Ken like BMW.
And he is making a frame for Austin of the rider of Brooklyn Machine Works.
I want to see the finish of this frame.
I am convinced that this frame is a precious frame.
I feel that many Japanese can get tired of Brooklyn Machine Works.
And many Japanese sell Bike.
I expect a Japanese regretting Bike of BMW.
Such a Japanese is stupid. BMW is splendid forever.

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This is a precious T-shirts.

I was given the precious T-shirts from John of DQM.
Similarly this was given to Joe and Ken of BMW.
I thought that I was very glad.
From former DQM, although I liked it, I am looking at the motion of the present DQM.
I like Vans. And Shop of DQM newly opened in Soho was the highest.
It had very good sneakers and inside of a shop of Vans which were selected.
I always appreciate John.
And I am going to support him. Thanks again!!!

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I have many plans every day.

Land Camera Manual arrived from DQM of NYC.
Thank you DQM Crew.
I painted it this time in Mob Grip.
Of course it is a logo of Brooklyn Machine Works.
I always think about the change of what kind of angle.
It is difficult, and it realizes my stupidity.
And this is Cruiser Deck of Dog Town which I purchased in NY.
I was troubled with a brand and size of Deck.

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I am tired from Japan every day.

I pay attention to the thing which a Japanese steps on every day. It is a traffic manner.
As for it, many Japanese do not follow a manner. As for me, this action feels that a Japanese is stupid.
I think in a question how I think of present Japan.
I think that it is strange to make only Bike without brakes an enemy. Of course I think that there are many Japanese doing stupid how to get on. I am every day to think of why. It is a young person.
I feel that human beings on Bike increase from March 11. However, I feel that the manner is very bad.
Particularly, I can get tired of the badness of the human manner on Rord Bike. It becomes available from form and thinks the riders from a young person to an elderly person to be stupid. And mother who picked up a child behind is very stupid.
I live a life in Japan in every day that I can get tired to see such situation, and is tiring. I intend to spend the life in NY and think.
I feel that the human being does not think about things of another person if only oneself is good.
Particularly, the Japanese finds that there is it in such a feeling. It is to be indifference about the world.
To such a Japanese, I feel stupidity. I cannot forget September 11, 2001. It is because I like NY, and I am interested.
Other than a sacrificed Japanese, I think that I am indifferent. Such a Japanese is stupid. It feels that the Japanese who did much peace-at-any-price mind-set is indifferent to 99%. It will be that such a Japanese lives long. The human being looking at the world realizes that I die early. I am days to think.
And I think about whether I display a museum of my favorite Brooklyn Machine Works in Japan or NY. For my thought, I think that it becomes NY. There is it with the feeling that wants to help Joe of BMW. And I am glad if I can make a museum jointly.
I feel that there are few human beings liking Brooklyn Machine Works in Japan.
It is because I feel that there are not 99% of human beings.
Such a thing is me who feel sad lonelily. As for the Japanese liking only the fashion as for this is because is it. I get only in Brooklyn Machine Works. In the eternity when I live in it

Brooklyn Machine Works / Tokyo from The Keystone Design Union on Vimeo.

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I attached brakes to Gangsta.

Japan always felt that regulation for Bike became severe.
It is because there are many stupid Japanese. It is driving that I have a cell-phone, an umbrella.
There are many adults who do not follow traffic rules because there is not a license in Bike.
And it is Japan where many children and elderly people step on Bike.
I have not watched a scene in NY.
I think that Japan is stupid if I make only Fixed Bike an enemy.
In Ken of BMW, I had you weld the pedestal of 996 brakes before.
Because there is not the pedestal of brakes of the rear, the wearing is not possible.
Japan makes regulation of the wearing of anteroposterior brakes severe.
It is because a stupid Japanese did an action to die in elderly people in Fixed Bike.
From the person who does not let you annoy, it is a very annoying action.
I feel stress for a Japanese very much. There are many stupid Japanese. And there are a great many Japanese of the peace-at-any-price mind-set.
I step on car and motorcycle and Bike in work and a private. And I walk.
May I attach this wheel which I took off?
As for me, the control of Tokyo and Fukuoka will become severe.
Particularly, the person of Fukuoka pays a fine. I watch You Tube.
If the police watch such run, many people will be caught.
As for it, Bike Shop supporting a rider will become the suspension of business.
I want you to go bankrupt in such Bike Shop.
There is Bike Shop in Japan with a stupid rider.

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I dislike Monday in Japan.

I am tired very much on Monday in Japan.
As for it, the body is tired from contents of the work until Wednesday.
It may be tiring until Sunday.
When I am like this, I go to Brooklyn Machine Works and want to change a feeling.
It is the place where BMW can be settled down.

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It is a wish from me.

I like American brands very much.
Particularly, I like the brand of NY.
As for me, American clothes and Bike Parts are the best.
I do not like Japanese brands.
I do not buy the American parts in Japan. It is because a price is high.
I ask for International Website of the American brand. The purchase of Woldwide is done, and please send it out.
It is a request from me. When many American brands enabled it, it will improve economy in America.
I expect it so that economy in America improves. This is because I like U.S.A.
It is Intergrated HeadSet which I purchased in NY.
I do not do that I buy these Parts in Japan. This is because it thinks that it is ridiculous.

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I found an interesting thing in NY.

This is wrong if I think whether it is Grip. This is Koozie of Odi.
Of course it is Made in USA.
This has very good appearance, too.

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