Shop of DQM x Vans is splendid.

It is a shop of DQM x Vans which opened newly in Soho.
I felt that a nostalgic feeling was good.
The brothers of Darren of BMW work, too.
When I went to NY, I visit anyone, and please purchase a product.


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This is Tour-boro of the custom frame.

I asked it for a custom of Tour-boro in this spring.
However, there was the different part of the frame.
I switched from long #17 to #8 of the shortstop.
And it is the pedestal of V brakes to rear carrier to a bottle holder. In addition, it is many special orders.
And my name is containing it in BB.

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This is a custom of Cluster-fork.

This Fork is a thing for Tour-boro.
I had you weld the pedestal of V brakes.
It is Ken of my very good beer friends.It is always nice BMW. I run after BMW.

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I bought Vans of Supreme.

I thought that I wanted this Vans in Japan.
It was daily life to give up. I do not buy it in Japan.
I was able to meet Vans in Supreme of NY.
This thought that there was not size, but there was my size.

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I bought Bags of CHROME.

In this spring, Bags could finish selling and was not able to buy it.
It was able to buy Yalta of original Yalta and FTC x CHROME.
This is Bags where there is satisfaction very much.

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It is an event of FTC25 x CHROME today.

There is an event now in CHROME Store of NYC.
It is from 20:00 to 23:00.
I was not able to go. My both legs are tired from it.
Oh....I wanted to go.

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I intend to go to new Shop of DQM after arrival to NYC.

I watch Shop of NYC from Japan. It is not all.
It checks only Shop which I like.
This is new Shop of DQM. I look forward to going.
To see these sneakers, I want to touch it. I Like Vans.
DQM and Vans please check the favorite person.
The order from Japan is possible, too.
And please ask the staff a question when there is not a product.

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This is Head Set of different BMW.

This is Head Set only for one.
This is a treasure only for me.
This Head Cap is precious. Nobody has it.
The Japanese may not understand how long I like Brooklyn Machine Works.
The reason is because it feels that I am a stupid Japanese.
It is the Head Ca which both think to be very good.

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I present it in Joe of BMW.

I am not interested in a Japanese brand.
Because a price is high. And I feel a question for a person buying it.
This is G-SHOCK of the limitation of BAPE. It is a thing only for 1,000.
I show it in Joe, but do not choose the person to use.
The reason is because Joe should decide it.
A person thinking that I want it may get it.
And I am about the same as Vans, and it is favorite Nike SB.
I am interested in an SB sold only in U.S.A.
The Japanese thinks that even a thing same as a person does not feel a question.

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As for me, Englishniks of BMW is splendid.

A thing of Brooklyn Machine Works that I ask me it is a treasure.
I think that all products of BMW are perfect things.
Japanese many adults do not have the image that is good for BMW.
A Japanese tells it to be because there is not a guarantee.
The reason is because many Japanese are satisfied with a basic brand.
I dislike such a thought.
The reason is because I dislike things same as a person.
I think that it is because many Japanese do not have maintenance.
Many Japanese cannot cure even a punk.
I think that I am a stupid Japanese. The Japanese does not mind the rust of the chain, the exchange of the chain, air pressure. A Japanese fool!

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Must I put on brakes?

I am daily life to be able to get tired of a human being riding a bicycle really.
There are many people touching it by a person and the carrying that hear music even if it attaches brakes back and forth.
It has many bicycles which protrude without protecting the signal.
It is good without lifeless thought following a rule.
I step on car and motorcycle and Bike.
Please do not trouble another person.
I think that a way of thinking and regulation of Japan are funny.
I am daily life to be able to get tired of stupid Japan and Japanese.

I went to look for the cable of brakes, but there was not the thing which I could be satisfied with today.
I for SS Bike of BMW of the chain bought a chain to change it.
This is a chain of the half top of Charge Bikes.
I intend to change a chain in a few days.
I think in doing shopping in Japan to go to NYC this month.

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