I dislike things same as a person.

I am daily life to be able to get tired of a Japanese.
I think that it does not have a personal opinion.
I feel that a Japanese likes the fashion. It is a stupid Japanese.
It is to say that there are many people checking a magazine and the media.
I do clothes same as a person and, in the same sneakers, feel that I can get tired of a Japanese on same Bike.
I am not interested in a Japanese living in Japan and a Japanese living in U.S.A.
I do clothes same as a person and, in the same sneakers, feel a question to a Japanese on same Bike.
It is a bandana of King Kog which it bought in this spring.
It is the print of my favorite design.
And Supreme of Joe of BMW and a co-laboratory are Cruiser which they did.
This Bike is one Cruiser in the world.
As for it, red Cruiser is basic.
In Japanese Yahoo, red Cruiser is sold, but a seller is stupid.F..K JP!!!!


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Mame came to my house.

I was not able to encounter Mame for a long time.
It spent only one and a half days with Mame.
Mame is a 40-year-old girl at human age.
I wash a body of Mame. And I go for a walk.
Mame lies down with me. It feels it lonely to wait for the return of the elder brother alone.
When Mame came, I play together. And I pour love.
I snuggle up to my body whether Mame is desolate. I like dogs very much.

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Clamp was easily broken.

It is THOMSON Collars to have been such easily broken.
In my secret box, the box of sneakers is to fall down.
It was able to disturb Stem Cap before.
I will not buy Stem and Clamp of THOMSON in future.
I think that understanding is possible when it employs you.
I use only Seat Post.
And today's Japan is a festival day.
I work by work on the festival day.
It acts while being tired from Japan and a Japanese. It is very painful.

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I am going to visit Shop of Vans DQM of NYC.

I may like the sneakers of Vans. It is also being able to wear fashion for a long time not related. I dislike the same thing as people. It likes Vans which is not put on the market in Japan.
If it is put on the market by the buyer of private importation and Shop, it can get bored. It is every day which feels for a question why same Japanese people do not feel a question as people.
The Vans DQM General officially opens Thursday 9/15 at 93 Grand Street. Hours will be 11 am - 7 pm. Monday - Friday and 11 am - 6 pm Sundays. Ph. 212.226.7776. Follow us on Twitter @VANSDQM.

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I very regret.

I regret to HOLD FAST Strap of Chari&Co which the Japanese of NYC manages, and BMW. It is because it is Strap I wanted to determine and make BMW and a design. I think that it thinks that it is jealousy in people's idea. Although I like BMW, he is not interested in this Strap. I do not think wanting at all. And as for me, HOLD FAST is the highest. It is Strap to evaluate highly.
He has heard that this Shop is Bike Shop of the Japanese who made only many hobbies open with money.
I am not interested in the Japanese who is living in what country. That is because it is not my same Japanese. I think that I am a foolish Japanese.

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They are only my sunglasses.

I dislike the same thing. It makes one only of the me. I feel a question for the Japanese who likes a thing together always. It is many things, such as dress and a sneakers. I chose the sunglasses of SHAKE JUNT. That is because it is 840 yen with a cheap price. I tell SHAKE JUNT I'm sorry.
I am because NYC and BMW are all. I am not interested in Japan and Japanese people. I would like to help BMW, while it is alive.
This cannot understand whether you are a Japanese written by whom. An understanding of me is impossible for this character.

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This secret Box doesn't have the depository either.

In it, Bike and Parts are all in Box.
And, there are a sneaker and clothes, too.
I realize the limitations in Box. I am hesitating in place search.
I am requesting a large place.
However, I am tired to a Japanese country.
It thinks where to move Bike of my important BMWs.
And, I am troubled in the thing with a lot of accidents of a lot of Fixed Bike.
It is an obligation of the installation of the brake before and after.
It has the penalty in Bike that the brake is not in the police in a Japanese country.
Even the person who is installing the brake is reechy manners.
As for it, manners of the person who takes the car, the motorcycle, and Bike are the worst.
A Japanese country today has changed.
In it, a foolish Japanese is all.
Especially, I do not expect it of the senior citizen and the young person.
It is because I take the car, the motorcycle, and Bike.
The reason for I is that it sees in all lines of vision.
I have not expected it of a Japanese country any longer.
It is because the end of a Japanese country is felt.
I become tired of a Japanese country and become sick.
Even if it gets sick, a Japanese country doesn't defend.
It has only the defense by for myself personal. F#%K Japanese!!!

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This is a photograph from John.

These photographs were sent from John Igei of NYC.
This is seen very good Bars.
American Infidel NYC, and this is production and a made thing.
I will see Bike and Bars of John.
And, I worry about his body. It is because health is the best. I support him.
I am being supported by him. I am always a gratitude and exist.
For me, the thing to do lunch with him and to drink the beer is the enjoyment.
Hey John!!! Thanks again!

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