SR6 of BMWs is the highest.

A Japanese today cannot be believed.
It is a thing that I think of. It is a thing called it is foolish Japanese.
It can mistake and get tired of an indifferent Japanese with the government that says.
The report of other countries of it might be true.
It seems to see a Japanese country calmly.

And, it is SR6 of the BMWs that I want.
I like frames that Joe thinks about. It is because Brooklyn Machine Works today is the highest.
I am expecting the frame that Joe thinks about.
The frame of it that Joe thinks about is the highest.

This is a design of good BMWs and B-Maniac. Thanlks Kazu.


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The Japanese is a race who mimics the person.

I always thought.
Clothes, the sneaker, and the hairstyle, etc. do the style as which the Japanese is the same to it.
It is Japanese who doesn't have it personal at all.
For instance, the frame of BMWs is not bought.
I think that the Japanese for whom the shop in Japan buys Bike of the assembled BMWs is foolish.
I cannot come to like Japanese.
It is felt that it doesn't reprove me.
And, it becomes tired of a lot of Japan of the senior citizen that is.
It is a thing said that there are a lot of Japanese who think that only the individual is good.
I become tired of the Japanese with a Japanese country.
It is me who lives in such every day. This is Helmets of FOX.

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This exchanged exhausts of Scooter.

I was not able to be satisfied with the design and the sound of the exhaust before.
I bought and exchanged new exhausts.
A lot of prices of an exhaust outside the company are high.
I felt the doubt in the design and the sound of a cheap exhaust.
The design of a new exhaust is good.
And, it is an exhaust that can satisfy the sound.
The following exchange of me is Forks, Rotors, and Calipers.

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I want to replace the brake system.

I hate to get on normally.
It does the customs in me.
It satisfies because everything is done in the customs and it gets tired.
I do the customs for a little while.
This is Big Rotors that is larger than normality.
It is Rotors while I am examining it. And, Rotors of other brands is examined.
It is a state of the normality of my Cygnus-X now.
The shape of Rotors changed into it this time.
Of course, I choose Calipers of brembo.
It cannot choose other Calipers. It is famous brembo in the world.

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This is only one valuable frames.

This frames is Track frames only of him whom Ken made.
I thought it was wonderful because I saw.
Please look at the shape of the pipe about it.
This is only his only one frames.
Even a frame popular with a very high frame is highest BMWs.
I am not interested in the frame in Japan.
And, overseas brands other than the frame of BMWs are not interesting either.
This frame is as light as the cycle race frames.
Do not hold the BMWs in the future in derision.
Interested person in BMWs either comes to be interested in it.
I say to all the people. Please do not regret it.
I am wishing the thing that a lot of people pay attention to BMWs.
For me, BMWs is all. It is carved for my foot.

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Mame came to my house.

My big brother's dog's name is Mame.
As for it, I did not meet a long time.
It is 40~50 years old in the age of man.
I am woken up at 5 AM today.
I went strolling about Mame. I like life with the dog.
It is Mame that waits for elder brother's return alone always.
It is felt that I am lonely always.

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I dislike Japanese country and person in Tokyo.

The government in Japan cannot understand how to become it.
As for it, a top ineptitude of Japan is felt by me.
And, a lot of Japanese are only bad adult abuse.
It is felt that a lot of Japanese die in the summer of this year.
It is a saving of electricity. And, Tax of Japan seems to rise to 10%.
A Japanese country feels the end in me. And, it becomes tired of this country.
Please do not believe a Japanese country.
Please believe information in each country about it.
I do not believe the news of Japan.
I feel that the United States is top.
It is because of a favorite country I, and the country that wants to settle down.
I am looking at the sky. Stare into vacant space from this BMWs.

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