This is a lot of Gangsta V2.

There are a lot of Gangsta V2 in here and Brooklyn.
It feels it in a good thing though it is made in Taiwan.
And, the price to which a lot of parts adhere is low.
I am undecided though I was going to buy.
Please buy it by BMWs here. I can recommend purchase by BMWs.



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I am alive in NYC now.

I am about to come to NYC and to end the third day.
It is an early action during a day.
And, there is a limitation in the purchase of the water of Tokyo.
A lot of water can be bought here NYC. I like water very much.
This is one glass of water and 3L. It is very delicious water.

This is a back door of Brooklyn Machine Works. I smoke here.

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I can get tired of Japan.

I am already tired from life and work in Japan.
It suffers pain in stupor of peace of the person in Tokyo.
And, my work is discriminated work. When it is dirty, the smell and a lot of people are work to resign in a day.
I had been doing this work for 12 years last month.
The reason for the thing to work feeling this pain is that it looks forward to the visit to NYC and BMWs.
Present Tokyo cannot buy a lot of water. It is because the number is limited.
I drink only water, Black Coffee, and the beer.
It is every day when I cannot drink a lot of water.
I feel that it is impossible in Japan though I thought about Shop and the museum of BMWs in Japan.
Every day when I become tired of the thing requested from this Japan and Bike Shop, and can get tired.
I think that it is foolish to buy Parts with Bike Shop of Japan. It is my from former idea.
I think that a Japanese idea to live in other countries with the Japanese who lives in Japan is different though how the person in the world thinks by this news cannot be understood.
Now, the Japanese who thinks that only an awful Japanese action and it survive is many in Japan though it doesn't make news.
I see the Japanese as having thought since before it. And, it is possible to get tired foolishly.
A lot of animals of the dog etc. worry and I worry solitarily.
The person in a lot of countries must not believed the Japanese any longer.
Please look at the mind and the action about it.

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Hereafter, how does Japan become?

Where does Japanese Government conceal the thing of the reality?
It might fear the thing that the lie and the people become panics.
The Japanese of it is not strong. I feel it the person in the victim region is strong.
And, it might be different from the thing reported by the world news.
The idea and the action are different. the person who lives in Tokyo is every day when I can get tired of the Japanese.
There are a lot of people of it that a lot of people run away from Tokyo to the west.
And, in tableware and the bath, I heard that there were a lot of users by the water bought because tap water was dangerous.
It is every day when I can get tired by feeling that it is a foolish Japanese.
It is Japanese as I have thought since before it.
The person who has not come to Japan must not believe news about it.

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A lot of Japanese as I have thought since before it exist.

On this occasion, I inform them of it.
I think that a lot of Japanese are still indifferent.
I can get tired of the Japanese every day, and become tired very much. I think that a lot of Japanese are foolish of it. And, I feel the cold of the person who lives in Tokyo.
Please do not expect it of the Japanese when a lot of other countries and agencies in the United States are in Japan. My idea as the Japanese is different. In it, a lot of Japanese are stupor of peace.

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Japanese today.

In my today feelings, a foolish Japanese is a lot of things that are.
As for it, it is necessary to think about the thing of the person who lost the house and the family.
It sees a lot of cold people of the person who lives in Tokyo.
The person more than the half to live in Tokyo is a person of a local country person.
I grow up in Tokyo of the Tokyo birth. It doesn't have the hometown by me.
It sees such a Japanese and I can just get tired.
As for it, the content of the news reported to a lot of countries is different from Japan.
I felt that such a thing occurred in Japan. It is an idea as one Japanese.
And, am I alive?It dead?A Japanese country thinks that they sink though it peels off and , cannot understand. In it, the Japanese to the earth is a punishment of indifference.
It apologizes for private externals and the opinion.
However, it is possible to get tired by seeing Japan that lives in Japan.
It is a lot of Japanese.
For the Japanese, a strong thing is a lie. And, I feel a Japanese ineptitude.
Please do not believe news about it. A thing settled of me is music and Bike.

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The world is common to music.

I hear the records now. It is a record that I have.
I regret though there are a lot of records parted with, too now.
And, it goes to the records shop of second-hand goods and it looks for.
I feel that there is no wall in the world in music.

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I like it about me in the beginning of 90 years.

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