I think only about a happy thing now.

I present am looking only at the computer to save electricity.
It uses neither the light nor the television.
And, my feelings have fallen. It is because of suffering pain in a Japanese country.
And, I think only about hope. It is NYC and Bike.


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A lot of Japanese do not understand about what you think.

As for me, a foolish Japanese can get tired of a lot of things that are.
If a lot of Japanese have money, it is necessary to raise a fund.
And, I think the charity from a lot of foreign countries to be glad.
I wish to express my gratitude to the person in an overseas country.
The entertainer and the sports player in Japan feel that a little money is raised a fund.
The person who has a lot of money can get tired of a few amounts of money though I think it is good in feelings.
It is possible to get tired of Bike Shop that an overseas Japanese manages with Japan.
It should raise a fund a lot of amounts of money if there is money to make T-shirts of the charity.
It is felt that it will improve the image of Shop making T-shirts.
It is felt that it is not transmitted from an overseas person.
It is because of thinking only a good Japanese to be good Japan.
If a present Japanese is seen, it might be a thing to see a lot of Japanese who are doing stupor of peace.
I had felt Japanese stupor of peace for 19 years.
I went to the Shimo-Kitazawa of Setagaya Ward today.
It went to sell the record that I did not hear.
The number is few 20. And, the price is $15. It can get tired of the amount of money.
I raise a fund this $15. I am tired from life in this Japan.

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I feel reluctance in Japan.

I have already felt that it becomes impossible for the entire Japan to live.
It means the end of Japan of the future.
I do not believe on news and the radio the reported thing when it begins Japanese Government.
However, I keep calm. The activity of the thing or fund-raising is done by thinking what I today can do.
I am having the thing of BMWs thought at any time.
As for it, I am watching the sky from far Tokyo. It is NYC.
It is because the vast sky is connected.
It is actually felt that the earth is wonderful.
And, it wishes that the person in a lot of countries be peaceful.

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I feel that there are a lot of Japanese who were able to get tired.

The thing that the radioactivity is found is reported by the water of Tokyo and there is a Japanese in Tokyo in the panic.
There are a lot of people of it who hoard a lot of water.
I am not hoarding the water of Tokyo though I do not drink because I am not delicious either.
I feel a foolish Japanese. Is whether it is felt that it was exposed to radiation from it thought?
I do not believe Japanese Government various information.
Please inform it what it thinks in other countries.
I think that it is an indifferent Japanese punishment in the thing in the world.
I am tired to the thing in this Japan.
The Japanese had felt me for years how many stupor of peace was done.
I am shameful to it as the Japanese.
I am enduring the cold now. It starts only the computer.
I hope for settling down of the United States.

And, what does he feel with NYC? I am not interested in him.

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I cannot be lonely feelings.

Recently, food and the drink sell it.
It has the restriction in a lot of commodities.
It is water and a battery.
It is an embarrassed one with the Japanese. I feel it there is a person of a lot of stupor of peace.
It is an age done to play in Yokohama that the beginning of the 90's is Roppongi.
It played until the morning. And, it is an age done to work.
I like water. And, I am enduring it though a lot of water is drunk in a day.
The 90 year was a good age for me. I think nostalgia.

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Present Tokyo is full of the foolish person.

It was from the east Great Kanto Earthquake to 1 week yesterday.
A lot of indifferent Japanese are seen still.
I can get tired of the Japanese. It is because of having felt that the disaster occurs in Japan.
I feel life in this Japan painful.
These are a lot of foolish Japanese. There seem to be a lot of Japanese of it who think that only it survives.
It is a person in Tokyo. It is foolish.
I am working. An important thing is Bike of BMWs though I do not have the lost thing.
I think email of the encouragement from Joe of BMWs to be glad.
And, email is confirmed from the person of a lot of NYC Rob of HOLD FAST and John of DQM.
I think always positively. It is the United States music at such time.

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I am saving the electric power.

It settles down me though such a thing occurs. And, it is calm.
The Japanese who is hoarding food and the drink feels it a lot still.
Really, I can get tired of the Japanese. The Japanese who thinks that only it survives feels it a lot.
The thing that I today can do is a saving of the electric power.
I am operating only the computer now.
I feel the doubt in the thing where the Japanese who is acting uselessly exists.
As for it, the road can form a line to the thing without gasoline and kerosene.
As for it, the Japanese who lives in Tokyo is actually feeling an indifferent thing.
I today am working. It is work with the car.
I suffer pain in the request of Japanese gasoline that not is on business.
I cannot have the boast as the Japanese.
A lot of Japanese are foolish. It is an indifferent Japanese punishment.
I am giving food to a lonely dog while it is working.
As for it, pleasure and I of me are healed.
I want to defend the dog at the expense of my life.
Even when I cannot eat, the dog is helped.
And, it might be a thing to defend Bike of my BMWs.
And, the sky in Tokyo is blue. As for it, I am watching the sky.
I wish to express my gratitude for NYC where a lot of friends exist.

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Does Japanese Government tell the lie by when?

A lot of Japanese must not believe the thing called on the television and the radio Japanese Government.
I do not understand whether to tell the lie by when.
It is because the panic occurs in Japan.
As for me, the Japanese doesn't like it with Japan as said since before.
I think that the thing reported in the United States is true.
Still, an indifferent Japanese is hoarding a lot of foods and the drinks. And, gasoline is requested.
It is shameful as the Japanese.
I think that I should defend Baby that has appeared with the young generation.
For me, NYC and Brooklyn are all. It suffers pain in the thing in such Japan.

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I do not believe the government in Japan.

I think an indifferent Japanese to be foolish man with the government in Japan.
It might be not able to be effective in such a man degree long.
As for it, a senior citizen and an indifferent Japanese are hoarding food and the drink.
I am calm. A lot of Japanese are queuing up in it for gasoline.
It seems to think running away somewhere. It is impossible.
The north wind blows in it today.
I do not understand whether the Japanese is indifferent even where.
It is foolish Japanese. It is necessary to mean the thing of the fact by the government in Japan.
Thank you, Cyndi Lauper Japan Tour.Thanks!!!

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I feel danger in Tokyo now.

I cannot believe the government in Japan.
It tells a lie to the thing that the panic occurs in Japan.
It might be a thing infected due to the explosion of the radioactivity of a lot of people.
I present settle down. It is because the death is felt.
I am interested in staying up in the world. As for it, it thinks whether something cannot be done.
A lot of Japanese are indifferent. It is because stupor of peace is done.
Food and the water of Tokyo are bought and there are a lot of Japanese who tighten.
There are neither food nor water in Tokyo now.
I am not in a hurry. It is because of settling down.
When the death visits me, it determines it.
I worry and an important thing worries only about Bike of BMWs.
It might be a thing that the person who is doing stupor of peace dies previously.
I worry about the child and the animal.

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Tokyo does the panic now.

In present Tokyo, food and the drink are sold out.
It might be hoarded so that each one may defend bodying.
Anything cannot be bought. I settle down.
Only the person who is doing stupor of peace might be in a hurry of it.
And, there is assistance from each country.
The response of the government in Japan cannot believe.
I wish to express my gratitude for each country.

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A Japanese country is asking for a lot of help.

A lot of people are dead in Japan.
A lot of people who cannot count it are dead.
The person not found is abundant still.
And, the earthquake happens also in Tokyo.
And, it is impossible only in the response of a Japanese country.
My Bike of BMWs is important. It worries from my life about Bike.

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Japan is a panic due to the earthquake now.

The severe earthquake happened around Miyagi Prefecture today.
As for it, I felt the earthquake to Tokyo large.
And, transportation has stopped because of the tsunami.
As for it, a lot of people are dead due to a fire and the power failure.
And, the person in Tokyo cannot return to the house.
A lot of houses burn. And, the building has collapsed.
It has been generated a lot in the Tohoku region.
The cellular phone is not connected in Tokyo now.
As for it, spoken neither thing nor email are possible.
Shinjuku and Shibuya are panicky. The train stops in it. It is only a bus.
A lot of people are taking shelter.
Hereafter, it is scheduled to rain in Tokyo.
It is snowing in the Tohoku region.
A lot of people cannot return to the house. I am safe now.

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My feelings have gone to NY.

The report came from John that safely arrived at NY today.
He is working with DQM now.

And, it is a frame of the BMWs at which I am aiming.
I am the highest frames as for Gangsta and Launchpad though gotten on by me.
I am aiming at the frames of New Big Ben and BMX now.
I when the future think about the purchase of New Park and Gangsta V2.
I am doing work without the rest to it.
I suffer pain in the thing that works at Japan. It is every day.
Hereafter, I will buy all frames of the BMWs doesn't have.
And, there is a place where it plays with Bike in NY, and I think it is good.

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Tokyo is rain and a snow today.

Yesterday's Tokyo was a very warm day.
In Tokyo of today, it is very cold. In it, the temperature is a temperature of one digit.
And, it is rain and a snow. I like neither.
The thing of it that I cannot get on Bike of BMWs is painful. I dislike thing that Bike gets wet.
This is an impact. I cannot believe.
I feel the surprise in the thing where people who cause such a thing exist.

I was not able to meet John yesterday though I went to FTC.
He might be a thing having gone to shop.
I went to the records shop of second-hand goods.
John and Mike left Japan yesterday. I pray for the thing that has safely arrived at NY.
I'm Sorry, John. Next Time.

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Welcome to Japan!!!

John and Mike arrived from NYC.
I think that they are tired from a long flight.
However, I am relieved because I arrive safely. Please enjoy in Tokyo.
If I have time, I will meet him. The photograph was used. Thanks,FTC Tokyo.

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It was rain yesterday. It is rain today.

It is rain yesterday and today. I hate rain.
The thing of it that it cannot get on Bike is painful.
In News of Japan, it is politics of foolish Japan, and I can get tired.
Man of politics that supports Japan is an adult. It might be a thing that it is possible to get tired even if the child sees.
I feel dissatisfied in this Japan. And, I can hate Japan, and get tired of the requested thing.

And, did John of NY arrive at Japan?
And, it is Drive Sprocket of very good TMX. Very Nice!!
There is no size though it wants to buy T-shirts with pinkbike.
And, parts wanting it are in pinkbike. Oh.....!!!

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