I want BMX.

I do not have BMX still.
I am paying attention to BMX and 26Frames now.
Of course, the brand that I want it is Brooklyn. This is my T-shirts.

FBM Gypsy 2our Bonus section. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.


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There are a lot of shopping with Webstore now.

I do not buy the commodity in Japan.
It differs in the price of the commodity, and is bought in the United States when high.
It buys DQM and parts of a lot of first Bike are bought.
As for it, the commodity of DQM sold with Yahoo Japan is very high.
I do not understand who buys it.
And, if it likes DQM, it is necessary to buy it with Webstore.
I am worried now by parts of Profile.
It might be a thing that I buy when parts are decided.
And, Nice Video of Nike 6.0. Very Nice!!!

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Parts arrived from United States CA.

These are parts of atomlab.
These were not though asked by me whether to stock parts in the agency in Japan.
And, I bought parts with Webstore. Hereafter, I will buy a lot of parts in the United States.
To go to NY, I bought the ticket of the airline.
I start on a journey to NY soon.
All Nice Video!!!

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Scooter is maintained today.

I exchanged the oil of the second times today.
This is Scooter of the Japanese specification produced with YAMAHA of Taiwan.
And, it is different a lot from a Taiwanese specification. It is a rumor said that the speed of a Taiwanese specification is earlier.
Hereafter, the custom will do me a lot of parts.
And, it is actually a roaring though the exhaust is quietly heard when seeing with YouTube.

And, John Igei of DQM Crew comes to Japan in March.
He spends time for one week by a Japanese tour of FTC in Japan.
I was not able to be able to meet Joe of BMWs last year.
It works as I suffer pain that it is busy. Here Japan is not a country that can do satisfactory.
He will arrive at Japan on March 1. I will have it meet him.

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It gets on Launchpad again.

50mm of New Stem did not have the stock in BMWs last year.
I felt that it was short though I bought 35mm.
To exchange it for Stem of 50mm, I installed Old Stem of BMWs.
I am Stem of a very favorite design. Might the thing that is valuable Stem now.
And, the set of Rims and Hubs was obtained.
It is Hubs of Velocity Chukker and Profile similar to before.
The change changed the color and the number of halls of Hubs into 36H.
The tire before was TIOGA. This time, the tire of Panaracer was selected.

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The snow of Tokyo is embarrassed.

It snowed in Tokyo yesterday evening.
The snow has piled when I get up in the morning.
I walked to the office. The snow of Tokyo is a very dirty snow.
As for the snow, I want you to disappear early. IMG_2685.jpg
There were a lot of accidents today. It is a fall of the bicycle.
Mother who took the child behind ahead seemed to fall on the slope, and to have been pulled to the car that had come from the back.
This parents' heads are doubted. And, the child doesn't have the helmet.
The child was safe in the slight injury. It is foolish mother in Shibuya Ward.
It might be frozen in the morning of tomorrow's Tokyo. All the people should note it.

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For Gangsta#9

Gangsta#9 doesn't get on at all is asleep now with secret Box.
To exchange Euro BB newly, I will cause Gangsta#9.
I will be short the handlebar now and exchange it for a long bar.
It is felt that it wants BMX of BMWs now.
The handlebar that I want to put up is Thick. However, it is not produced in 1 piece.
The thing that the handlebar of Thick has adhered is recalled in Big Air of Joe as far as that goes.

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It is a photograph from John of NYC.

He is present Bike of famous John Igei also in the world.
This is Launchpad of BMWs. It is only his custom frame.
He seems to have exchanged it from Cluster fork to Gangsta fork.
To go to NY early, I am preparing it.
I might be a thing in BMWs and DQM to go at once. And, I want to meet John early.
I have been indebted to him. I am glad. We wish to express our gratitude to him always.
And, it is very cold at night of Tokyo. It snowed at a little time yesterday.
It is scheduled to snow from tonight. The snow will piled tomorrow morning.
I am very uneasy in tomorrow morning. As for it, the snow of Tokyo is dirty.
Please note the snow when you walk.

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I want to go to NY early.

The commodity of DQM arrived from NY today.
I have a lot of things that it wants the commodity of DQM.
However, it doesn't understand if it doesn't try it on in the commodity.
DQM is Sale of 25% Off now. Please order a lot of people from Online.
In it, even Friday on February 11 is Sale.
And, can the frame of BMWs be bought? I want a lot of frames.
I want it to pay attention to BMX of BMWs, New Park, New Big Ben, Gangsta V2, and SR6, etc.
Recently, the commodity was bought with PinkBike. It gets on, and I practice, and am a practice.

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Cluster Fork was processed.

Do the processing that expands the hole on the side in the back to this Cluster Fork.
This is Cluster Fork made in Taiwan of Gangsta#238.
The brake has not adhered now. The hole was expanded in the future though it was not scheduled to put it.
One where it wants frame of BMWs now.
And, the person from whom you want to learn whether to stock the frame wanting it must send BMWs email.
Please regard the person who wants to learn the goodness of BMWs really now though Launchpad and Gangsta V2 are popular.
I think it for a lot of people who sell it at once to exist.
I think. It is possible to think of the popularity in the future like Hardtail Bike.
New Park and Big Ben of BMWs today are recommended.
Only this frame will be able to feel the goodness of BMWs.
Please send BMWs email now. Joe is surely called hello.

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