Japan ends 2010 year a few.

As for me in 2010, I am indebted to people of NYC.
And, it will ask next year.
Thank you, Joe and Ken and Darren.
Thank you, John igei and DQM Crew.
Bags of CHROME of FTC is good. I wanted Bags of CHROME.
Thank you, Rob and Jeremiah and HOLD FAST Team.
Thank you, Chris Lyuch (BMW Fan No.1?)
Thank you it says to a lot of people of NYC. I Love NYC!!!
I will buy Bike of a lot of BMWs next year. It is my target of next year.

Go to BNQT.com for more videos.


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Does the purchase of this year's parts end?

Because I did not have time, it was not possible to install it though the exhaust of the motorcycle had arrived. I was good only at the thing seen at home.
I was able to install it on Sunday. It is a low price first.
Because my hope was a high price, it gives it up. This exhaust is annoying.
And, Bottom Bracket of Sugino75 was Sale.
I bought it because I was cheap. It is a price of 7500yen.

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Six years are early.

Congratulations on the sixth anniversary of W-BASE.
I was not able to go to the party busily on business.
I thought that I was not able to get the stickers because I was not able to go.
The stickers made from W-BASE is the highest. I thought that I was very wonderful.
Thank you very much, W-BASE Crew.
And, the stickers with a different design of the black is a stickers made from BMWs.
I like either stickers. And, either stickers will not be able to be pasted.
And, it is T-shirt that only the person who offered it to the exhibition of Bike of BMWs was able to get
It is heard that only a special person was able to get it.
And, it is Hoodies of BMWs. This is a special thing.
These commodities are the one passed by Mr.Takuya of which the party of W-BASE came from NYC being called. Mr.Takuya also wanted Hoodies of this BMWs.
It seems to have been asked that Joe pass these commodities to me.
It is a messenger and Mr.Takuya is a photographer with NYC.
I knew his existence. And, I was glad to do a lot of stories this time.
I pay attention to him when the future.
We wish to express our gratitude for W-BASE, Joe, and Mr.Takuya.
Thank you, W-BASE, BMW, Mr.Takuya.

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It is a present from NYC.

Japan is a national holiday at the Emperor's Birthday today.
As for it, a lot of Japanese rest its body.
However, I am working at the national holiday. My work is unrelated at the national holiday.
I will be working at Christmas tomorrow on the 24th and the 25th.
By when do I work this year?

And, the commodity of DQM that arrived at Japan yesterday.
This is a stickers of new DQM. Thank you, DQM Crew.

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My Frame Pad.

This time, I said Rob of HOLD FAST the hope of tag.
And, tag was sent to me. It is because I have the idea.
Thank you very much, Rob and HOLD FAST Team.
And, the tag of BMWs was removed from my T-shirt.
It made my T-shirt with my hand. My valuable T-shirt is an important thing.
Only my Frame Pad was completed by this.
And, I want BMX of BMWs. I will buy all Bike of BMWs in the future.

Profile Racing Sweet Carolina - Part 1 - More BMX Videos

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The commodity of DQM arrived from NYC.

It was ordered to John Igei of DQM Crew and MASH Riders.
I was surprised at an early arrival of the commodity.
It expresses in the thing that a lot of T-shirts and Cap arrive and I wish to express my gratitude for John.
Thank you, John and DQM Crew.
And, it was interested in the sneakers of HUF though it was not my favorite DQM.
Gum Sole of Genuine of this HUF likes it. The Upper of this sneakers is a Hemp.
Upper of last Genuine was Suede.
I felt after this sneakers with DQM.
I did not buy it. It is regretted this time.

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The strap arrived from NYC today.

It is a strap of my favorite HOLD FAST.
This was able to make the strap of B-MANIAC from the proposal of Rob.
And, it made it in the color as which Keychains was the same.
I am not interested in the strap of a different brand that mimics MKS and HOLD FAST.
I recommend HOLD FAST. It must use the strap of HOLD FAST for right or wrong.

The strap of the following customs is what I ordered to Rob.
Because I recommend HOLD FAST, it satisfies it very much.
I present it by the surprise for him. The he is using the strap of Black that I offered now.
And, a lot of Stickers and T-shirt were gotten. Thank you, Rob.
Thank you always. HOLD FAST No.1!!!

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It is cold in Tokyo today.

It is hot, cold, and is abnormal. And, it is rain. My body gets cold.
Is this an influence of Global warming? I think that the earth ends some time.
And, it is a free gear. I am not interested in the free gear.
However, when this image is seen, it might be interesting.
I am not interested in the free gear.

Unfixed from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

As for this, the scale of the mountain is different.
It doesn't have the playground place in Japan.
It is a Japanese country not interesting.

Chris Akrigg.TEOCALI MEGA.0 from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

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It was union to Rims and Hubs.

It installs it in Launchpad of my BMWs.
Chukker Rims and Profile Hubs of Velocity are installed now.
This time, it changed from 32H to 36H.
The installation is impossible in Cluster fork of BMWs that went out of production and Cluster fork made in Taiwan the current now.
Axle and Bolts of Hubs changed to it.
I cut down Axle the end of present Cluster fork was cut down though it was an order schedule to Profile.
This made the installation possible.
And, I will order Hubs of Profile and a lot of parts next year.
And, Joe of the BMWs of which it comes to Japan to present Japan.
I am working though I want to meet Joe very much.
I am very busy. And, the physical condition is not good.
I think that should recommend wonderful of BMWs for not only the young person but also the adult and teach.
Joe is Enjoy in Japan.

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I cannot drink the beer now.

Abnormality feels it in my body now. A favorite beer is not drunk now.
I feel pressured very much. It suffers pain in work with a Japanese country as the Japanese of stupor of peace.
Water and Black Coffee are basic.
A lot of parts arrived from Japan at it.
Parts from the United States have not arrived now.
The commodity of DQM is an arrival schedule next week.
Thank you, and John and DQM Crew.

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It is a repeated exchange.

It exchanged ChainBolts from silver to Black.
This is my idea. The thing of it exchanged for Black is satisfactory.
Pedals of animal arrived.
And, a lot of parts will arrive from the United States and Japan next week.
This is Bike Locks that defends Bike of BMWs.
However, I do not believe Locks. It cannot stop Bike at long time.
I like U-Locks of ONGUARD very much. And, it is Cable Locks of KRYPTONITE.
This was all bought with NYC. For me, NYC and BMWs are all.
These Locks was bought with Paragon, EMS, and Affinity.

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This is a bon marche.

I went to travel about the parts search yesterday.
I am very tired on business. And, it is unpleasant.
I think only about the thing of NYC and BMWs.
It is Chainring Bolts of Sugino. It is 800yen of a low price.
I want to see this NIKE ZOOM FP. And, I want to touch.
It is not a sale in Japan to this. I want to go to NYC early in it.
The size of this sneakers is not understood.

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