Gangsta#80 is started again.

I have gotten on Launchpad and Gangsta#238 now.
Bike of my BMWs is all perfect. The condition of it is very good.
And, the fork of Gangsta#238 was exchanged for Cluster fork made in Taiwan.
And, I think whether a different brake is put up because it is not possible to satisfy it or do not put up though I exchanged the brakes.
And, every day of me is tired and the body is tired at full pressure.
For me, the rest is only Sunday. It passes time of Sunday.
I cannot move according to the schedule that has been decided on.
And, the crank of Sugino 75 that had adhered to Gangsta#65 was put up to Gangsta#80.
And, ZEN Chainrigs of Sugino was sold. And, Chainring of Sugino was newly bought.
It can get on Gangsta#80 by this.
I think that I am interesting of this. And, I want to get on.
The engine displacement of this motorcycle? It is a doubt.

QUADS: NEW YORK CITY from Glenn PP Milligan on Vimeo.


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This is only my strap.

This is HOLD FAST of the custom order.
It is a color of my favor. And, I think it is wonderful.
This has only 1 piece only of me.
Rob of HOLD FAST sent this only the photograph now.
I think that I am glad because I obtain the strap.
I am not interested in the strap of the other companies.
It is a wonderful thing to use HOLD FAST.
Thank you, Rob. HOLD FAST No.1!!!!!!!!!!! And BMW Thank you.

And, the senior citizen stands out very much in Japan today.
Senior citizen's today car and bicycle get on, and are very dangerous.
The senior citizen in the future is not looking at the turn at all. Will this people be wishes to die?
A senior citizen today is driving selfishness.
The management of the bicycle in the future might be a strengthened thing.
It leaps to us for such a senior citizen.
And, the senior citizen has not taken a ride on a bicycle in the United States.
We are troubled so that such a senior citizen and the person with a bad manners may exist.
I am disgusted at a Japanese country.
I feel that the person in other countries all over the world is not interested in Japan.
And, the Japanese seems not to be interested though the missile is attacked in the next country.
Is a Japanese country of the future isolated?

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This is Cluster fork of BMWs.

I paint Cluster fork and Clear of the rust stop is painted again.
Fork made in Taiwan is light though I like either Fork.
However, Fork of Hand Made in Brooklyn is a valuable thing.
And, the thing of which Joe of BMWs will come to Japan next month is a thing glad.
His email was sent to me. I am busy on business December.
I am undecided though I want to meet him.
And, please question on the doubt when meeting him.
It is limited only to the person who loves BMWs. If I can meet him, it is lucky.

And, it is a strap of my favorite HOLD FAST.
This is a new strap, and the strap of the limitation.
Please test a lot of Japanese to it. And, it is a strap that can satisfy a lot of Japanese.
And, I think very good Keychains. I am Keychains wanting it.
And, please pay attention only to HOLD FAST. HOLD FAST No.1!!!

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I want the second Launchpad.

I think about the custom of Launchpad.
This is Launchpad by which the custom was ordered of whom.
I cannot recommend buying in Japan.
Please test it before buying Launchpad.
I am recommending the individual to order. You can be done and the color and the custom of Launchpad wanting it be done.
It recommends the frame that Joe thought about. And, the frame that Ken welds is the highest.
This is only my opinion. It is not interested in the person who dislikes BMWs and the person who dislikes my blog.
Please say these customs to BMWs.
It might be a thing that it is possible to satisfy it with your favorite custom and color.
I search for Bike of BMWs and it searches for the place that can be tested.
And, it is felt that the records is not interesting in Japan.
Will it be CD now?I am only a records. Machine parts has improved to it. How does present DJ think?

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This is maintenance of Launchpad.

Rust had come out from this in cutting down a rear end.
It is carved with KOJI x BMW by the custom of Ken.
To keep beautiful, I cut down with paper. I painted Clear of the rust stop again.
I think that I described it clearly before.
I hate Japanese countries. And, I am mentally tired on business.
It suffers pain in life in Japan. Then, I am watching the photograph of the family of Joe.
It settles down it in the photograph of Joe.

And, Stem of new BMWs was exchanged for the handlebar.
Very, it is good Stem. I recommend Stem.
This is NoBoss Arms of Profile. It was exchanged from Black to Chrome.
Black reached by mistake though I ordered Chrome before.

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Mame came yesterday.

It is my elder brother's dog's Mame. I am very healed. It is happy.
I hope for life with the pet. I suffer pain in the life of Japan.
I am tired to the country of Japan.
The hair has expanded very much when I meet Mame after a long time.
The hair was cut today. As for it, Mame became beautiful.
Mame is a fan of BMWs. Bike is a favorite dog.
Thing to bathe in the wind is a favorite dog.
This is a commodity bought for Mame.
This was bought with PETCO of NYC. Does Ken see Mame?

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I received the commodity of DQM.

I ordered to John of DQM.
These commodities arrived at my house.
I am very satisfied. And, the service goods are forwarded to a thing glad and it exists.
The commodity of DQM for me is the highest.
I look at the commodity of DQM every day.
They are only other things wanting it and it exists. I today feel pressured in the thing where it cannot go to NYC.
I want to go to NYC early. It is DQM thought that I am very good.
Thank you, John!!! From DQM and MASH.

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This is Clusterforks of BMWs.

I have not gotten on Gangsta#80 now.
Gangsta#80 is such the current state.
It doesn't have the crank. And, Forks is changed from Black to Clear.
This is made of Brooklyn and Forks made in Taiwan.
I painted Clear on all Forks.
It is Clear that corresponds to the rust stop.
The spray can of Clear of this rust stop can buy only Japan.
I present do not have a specified color. I today like Clear. Only Clear.

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As for this, parts arrived from FL at the United States.

Parts of Profile arrived.
The price is my calculation with $1 though I am a thing that was able to be understood from ordering with the shopping cart.
However, prices are lower than it buys it in Japan.
I said that I would want a lot of stickers.
Thank you Profile Racing. I think Keychain of Vans to be glad.
I am parts of ordered Profile.
I want BMX of BMWs very much now. BMX of BMWs is produced.
Please e-mail BMWs where it wants BMX of BMWs. I recommend the frame that Ken welds.

RADBMX Shop / Nike 6.0 Tunnel Vision Session from RADBMX Shop on Vimeo.

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He is Austin of the Team rider of BMWs.

I was not able to meet Austin in this NYC. I think that I am good if he is energetic.
I hope for the thing that it can meet him in next NYC.
And, it is Austin that participates in Cross Race.
Bike is this frame of initial Gangsta. This is frames not produced now.
It is a frame beyond price.
And, they are parts of Profile bought with NYC.
Following Seat is $10 of Used. And, it is Bike Knee Pad of bern.

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This is Track Bike of Darren.

This frame is Brooklyn machine works. It is a custom frame only of Darren.
I tested with 16Powers St. Very, the frame was light and I wanted it.
At this time, John of DQM also tested.
Please pay attention to the BMWs in the future. It will be able to satisfy the fan of BMWs.
Hereafter, a lot of frames will be made.
The frame of the cycle race of other brands and Japan cannot be recommended to get on.

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New Stem is Brooklyn Machine Works.

I thought about the purchase of Stem with this BMWs.
It looked forward to the sale though I was looking at Stem of the sample.
I like design of Stem of BMWs until present.
As for it, the column side looks like Stem of THOMSON of 50mm.
I like design of Stem that Joe thinks about.
I am not installing Stem now.
Japan today cannot get on Bike because it rains much.
In Stem of this BMWs, the clamp diameter is 31.8mm. To use the handlebar of 25.4mm, I install Shim.
I will install it in Launchpad by the end of this week. And, I want to test.
I will buy a lot of Stem by the next BMWs. I will buy the thing of a lot of BMWs.
This time, I was not able to meet Wes. I was regretted.
The photograph is Wes of the child of Joe. I like Wes very much.
It is very good though I am not looking at running of Bike of Wes.
Next time, I want to meet Wes.
I wish always to express my gratitude for Joe, Ken, and Darren.
Thank you, Brooklyn machine works!!!

And, DQM very favorite of me is 7th Anniverary. Congratulations I want to say.
I like DQM. And, DQM is the highest. I recommend DQM by the apparel brand.
I wish to express my gratitude for John of DQM Crew.
And, I think that it is an eternal friend.

Eat Here Not There from DQM on Vimeo.

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