I am the best and like NYC.

The Japanese is very hated with Japan though I am Japanese.
Life and the thing of it to be alive are very painful in Japan.
Is a Japanese today alive by what idea?And, what is understood and I do not understand be alive to something to live for.
Especially, it is young Japanese today. And, about what does senior citizen's person also think?I do not understand.
All Japanese feel that stupor of peace is done.
The Japanese who settles down in the United States also feels it similar.
I am not asking for help of the Japanese. I am acting oneself.
For me, the thing to go to NYC is the enjoyment. In it, the thing to live is a dream.
I am alive as it looks forward to going to BMWs and DQM especially.
It is not interested in Japan. I am working at Japan only to go to NYC.
Every day of me is painful. I am not happy. It is solitary.
I call Ken of the welding engineer of BMWs and John of DQM Crew in Brooklyn, and drink the beer together.
I am happy in drinking Ken and the beer. He feels that he gets drunk.
And, I go to eat lunch with John of DQM. It ate two pizzas and cokes.
I am full in John of the gratitude. Thank you John.
Now, the frame that Ken welds is the highest.
It is different from the BMWs before. It is a frame with a high quality.
I recommend the frame of present BMWs.
And, it is Keychain that can change Tube of the presta valve to the U.S. valve.
I got it free of charge in the shop. In Japan, as for purchase, the price is high.
Made in USA!!!


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I wanted to see the thing.

Gio of Supreme of NYC is designed Skatedoard Deck.
He is Crew from time when Supreme opened.
Only he exists in Supreme of NYC now.
He has come to Japan when Supreme of Daikanyama in Japan is opened.
I think that it was 1998 year that I remember.
He recalls getting on Cruiser of W- name of BMWs and Supreme.
The color of his frame is Navy though it thinks it for a lot of Red of the color of the frame to exist.
He is working still though Crew at open this time is resigned.
I got excited because I saw his Bike. Still, I want it.
Deck of my Supreme was completed again.
Grip Tape of it is original only of me of BMWs. I painted.

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This is a change in the swing arm of SR8.

My Bike of BMWs is the highest from beginning.
Hereafter, the frame of BMWs has changed heavily to be light.
I think the purchaser and the rider to be able to be satisfied.
Hereafter, it might be a thing to make a new frame. Joe and Ken think about it.
This is the first swing arm. I feel it heavy.
A lot of designs changed into the following type. This is very light.
I think the last photograph to be tested. It was changed to initial Gusset.
How it changes will not be understood in the future.
I think that BMW Crew and support rider's opinion are important.
Finally, it is designer's Joe to decide. For me, the future is very the enjoyment.

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I will order SR8.

This time, it is SR8 that I got on by Diablo freeride park.
I am high and Bike of the chosen BMWs is the highest.
It is a frame that satisfies the rider. It is an instruction of writing from Joe in the frame. I write.
Bike is this new SR8. It is a thing of Joe.
It is lighter than the current frame and the design is also more different.
It will satisfy favorite DH. The weight of it is very light.
I like Hip hop at the 80's and the first term of the 90's.
The age of all the fashions has changed.
In this, NYC interviewed SCRATCH of the movie is Steve D of the harem settling down.

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I am DH to which it looks forward with this NYC.
When going to NYC in March this year, I was invited. It continues to the end in October.
I was very happy. I was surprised at the difference of the course with Japan.
I plan to run next year. I crash and have a pain in the body still.
It went to the hospital so that the pain in my body might continue.
My bone was relieved because it had not broken.
I want to go by Joe, Ken, and me next time again.
It is SR8 that my friend's Chris is new. I tested. I also plan to order.
I think that this is happiness of genuine Bike though Fixed Bike is also happy.
It was a mountain where the scale was different. It is wonderful.
I hate Japan. It of the United States is the highest.
The goodness of Bike of true BMWs was actually felt by this. It is wonderful Bike.

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It is a friend of my favorite NYC.

In travel with this NYC, my time of a day became useless due to the trouble of the airplane.
In the new Chitose airport in Hokkaido, it is an urgent landing due to the engine trouble of the airplane.
And, it returned to New Tokyo International Airport again. I am the first time in the travel of NYC of 18 years.
I spent a very regrettable day in Japan.
I arrived at NYC after a delay of a day.
I went to BMWs at once. It is my favorite BMWs.
I wanted to eat something. I face BMWs.
I was Ken, two people (the builder and the welding engineer), and it went to eat the pizza. It always pays money.
I wish always to express my gratitude for BMW Crew.
It is my favorite Joe, Ken, and Darren. I go to eat a pizza the same as Darren.
I meet Joe. I am glad of meeting BMW Crew.
Joe returns to the house. For Ken and me, the thing to drink the beer is the enjoyments.
I pay the amount of money of the beer through all eternity. It will be my thanks.
It does a thing secret by Ken, Darren, and my three people.
It is my enjoyment. It also has the thing that Joe also participates.
My BMWs is the highest. Thank you for my visit.
I cannot recommend the brand and parts in Japan.
It is only Sugino to recommend with parts in present Japan.
I like parts in the United States. Please do not buy parts in Japan for it in the United States.
Parts in Japan are very high in the United States. I can get tired by seeing the price.

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It is 24"Cruiser newly produced.

I inform it of information earlier than BMWs.
I can put only the photograph.
As for it, Geometry and the price of Frams are undecided.
Hereafter, please confirm it with Blog of BMWs.
For me, it is a frame of production glad.
There are only five frames now.
The serial number is one. Cruiser in the photograph
Someone bought the frame of two. I want the third frame.
I like the 90 year.
There is no present stock though the production of BMX is also possible.
I want BMX. I think that the age of Pist Bike ends.
Hereafter, it has the idea of BMX and 26 Bike. Hereafter, I will buy Bike of BMWs.
I like the 80's and the 90 year as for Hip hop.

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I do not buy the thing related to apparel in Japan.

I buy all the apparel things with NYC.
As for my today apparel brand, I like DQM very much.
As for the sneakers, I like Vans and Nike SB. I today think that Vans is good.
It likes sneaker with Vans though I do not like Supreme today.
I especially like Half Cab and Era.
I am requesting the sneakers from which Nike SB is not sold in Japan. I dislike the same thing as the person.
This is Zoom Classic SB and Blazer SB CS. The price of it is lower than that of Japan.
It is Bruin SB that has been bought for my girlfriend.
This is Bruin put on the market to July in 2009.
The price is very cheap $39. This was only one unsold stuff.

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Yes! NYC.

As for it, NYC also felt the restriction to Bicycle due to a lot of accidents.
It has the signal that only Bicycle Lane and Bicycle are possible.
However, the person who defended the starting thing felt that it was not. The Japanese is also the same as it.
I am not defending the restriction in Japan either.
I cannot defend the restriction of Japan because there are a lot of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians of it.
It is because the Japanese is hated Japan. I have a lot of reasons to dislike Japanese.
It is new Gangsta that has been previously renewed in the blog of BMWs.
I touched. It got on before. I am Gangsta that can be very recommended.
The person and the Japanese in a lot of countries must do the order in the individual to it.
I cannot recommend purchase in the agency.
I think that the person who buys a favorite size and the color should decide it of it.
I am sure to have email from Joe. Please inform me when there is no email from Joe.

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I sprayed this.

I bought Grip tape of MOB GRIP with NYC. In it, a price that is lower than Japan is $5.
I made original Grip tape from BMWs.
I wanted to make it before. It is Grip tape of only my BMWs.
And, this is a desirous thing.
This is a thing that the key etc. can be put in the inside.
It is Box that doesn't open if the number of the decided dial is not matched for myself.
It is Master Lock. This is a convenient thing.

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