I sleep again with the dog.

I am only during the summer vacation of two days.
Very, it is a short rest. I cannot take a rest.
However, life the same as the dog heals me. The dog is a fan of BMWs.
I feel abnormality of my body.
It is every day where I go to the hospital.
After the hospital, I bought Tube of TIOGA. It is Tube that the price is low.


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I went to travel about the parts search today.

I went to travel about the search for parts of Bike.
Prices of parts of an overseas brand are high though the brand of Japan is very cheap.
I compare it with an overseas price. Japan is surprised at a very high thing. It is every day that I doubt.
I think that any overseas commodity is high. It is my hated Japan.
I bought Half Link Chain of Gusset today.
The price is 2520 yen in weak Japanese yen.
It is a price that is lower than Shadow and Charge Bikes.
A lot of Japanese seem to be putting up Shadow.
I do not buy Shadow in Japan because I am high.
It is higher than Chain of NJS of the brand of Japan.
It doubts why Japan's parts of an overseas brand are high. F#$K Japan!!!

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I like DQM.

DQM of the apparel brand of NYC is done and Sale is done.
I want to go to DQM very much.
However, I today am regrettable it is not possible to go.
I am scheduling to go to DQM early. And, BMWs also goes in me. Of course.
I take the magazine to Leigh of the wife of Joe.
The magazine is BAPE. Bags has adhered to two magazines.

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I am scheduling the exchange of Crank.

I plan to exchange Crank of Gangsta#80 of BMWs.
Sugino 75(NJS) has adhered now.
I dislike the same thing as the person though I think that Sugino is wonderful.
I think about the place to go of Crank and BB(NJS) of Black.
I think that Sugino is the highest. Dura-Ace today is the lowest.
The feeling of quality of Dura-Ace today is very bad. I cannot recommend it.
I am not interested in the brand of Japan.
If I use and it is possible to satisfy it, I use it.
I like parts of the United States brand.
Crank of Sugino75(NJS) has adhered to Gangsta#80 now.
I plan to exchange it for All City now.

All City Trick Comp 2009 from BikeJerks on Vimeo.

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A favorite dog came to my house.

I like dogs very much. Dog's name is Mame.
Is it a meaning called a bean when saying in English?
My elder brother's dog has been staying at my house since yesterday.
I am very healed. I can forget the tiredness of work.
A fingernail of the foot and a few hairs were cut today.
It will be felt that it is hotter than the person in the dog.

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However, it is hot in Tokyo.

This heat is Tokyo felt abnormal. I felt the death yesterday
A lot of people are carried to the hospital by Heat Disorder.
I thought that I was alive in hot Tokyo today. However, I think. Will work next summer?
My work is painful. A lot of people resign.
I am working whenever summer comes by the desire to die.
I work for favorite NYC and Bike.

Volume Bikes: Lil'-Stevie from VOLUME/DEMOLITION on Vimeo.

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I was able to enjoy one.

This is latest YAMAHA CYGNUS-X(125cc).
I am enduring it though I want to take the motorcycle with a large engine displacement.
Because it is scheduled for me to have Bike of a lot of BMWs, and to increase in the future.
The place of no parking is a lot of things in it and the motorcycle that are.
I think that the movement of Tokyo and neighboring prefectures is enough by this engine displacement.
Hereafter, I am scheduled to do the custom.
For the muffler, the improvement of the engine displacement, the custom of the face, and me, things exchanged for myself are the enjoyments. Hereafter, I am the enjoyment.

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I do not have the rest.

The student is summer vacation of one month or more.
A general person also has long-term summer vacation.
I do not have summer vacation at all.
I can take a rest only on Sunday.
I have only working in going to NYC.
It is not painful for me. It works to go to my favorite NYC, BMWs, and DQM.
It is Launchpad of the foot to my office and the practiced BMWs now.
13T of Track Cogs(NJS) of Dura-Ace has adhered now.
I bought Cogs of 13T of grunge which it looked for.
This Cogs is scheduled to be put up to Hubs of the white of Profile.
Are feelings of me who wants to go to NYC early understood?
I hate Japan very much. For me, settling down of the United States is a dream.

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A nostalgic sneakers was found.

I had put this sneakers before. However, I had the same sneakers.
It is Nike Air Revaderchi put on the market in 1992.
This sneakers was asleep in several years.
The state of this sneakers is very good. I was not putting it on at all.
Moreover, it is an original thing in 1992.
This is a sneakers of initial ACG.
Sales at that time of this sneakers were not put on the market in Japan.
I recall going to the United States to buy only this sneakers. I like the 80's and the 90 years.

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It is a race with the practice today.

It is a practice in the training field of the motorcycle of the police in Tokyo today.
In Tokyo of today, it is very hot. The practice and the race are mistakes on this hot day.
The body wants moisture. And, it is a lot of sweats. I regret. It is tired.
It races with Launchpad with Gangsta#238.
Considerably, there is a long distance. Of course, I won.
Next time, I want to go at the evening or nighttime.
A lot of BMWs doesn't sell in Japan.
It buys, and the person who sells it is numerous.
The person in Osaka is numerous though there are a lot of people in Tokyo, too.
It might be BMWs seen only in the fashion.
Please do not buy it if you sell Bike of BMWs. It is only my opinion.
I am not interested in the cycle race of Japan. I am only BMWs.
The thing that parts and frames of BMWs are sold is lonely.

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