Chain was exchanged today.

Chain of Gangsta#238 of BMWs was exchanged.
It was exchanged from HKK(NJS) to Gusset Slink Chain.
I do not understand the goodness of NJS. I cannot completely recommend parts of NJS.
All pedals and straps were exchanged for Black.
This is a handlebar to put it on Launchpad.
The brand that I selected is atomlab PIMP BARS 3 Rise.
I am putting up Bar of blkmrkt 3 rise now.
Launchpad of BMWs is a frame that I recommend.I think that I am very good.


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I am looking at this sneakers.

I am watching the sneaker of adidas x BMW. It touches, and is a sneaker beyond price.
There are feelings that cannot be put on though I want to put on this sneakers.
It is because it is my treasure. Yes!!! Brooklyn!!!
I might be next NYC, and be the thing to put a lot of Tattoo.

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The present was presented from DQM of NYC today.

I whom I am paying attention am DQM of a favorite brand.
In NYC, it is a certain highest shop.
The present from John Igei of the staff of MASH and DQM was presented.
I am very glad. It is moved deeply. It is because I am a favorite apparel brand.
I am DQM run after through all eternity.
I want to express my gratitude for very favorite DQM and DQM Crew.
It is a brand favorite as well as my favorite BMWs. Thank you, John!!!

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The present from BMWs was received.

Luggage from BMWs had arrived when I came to the house yesterday.
It was a sneakers that I had wanted. It was a sneakers of adidas x BMW.
I threw tears as I was glad with feeling and the excitement.
I have been deeply very moved. We wish to express our gratitude for BMW Crew.
Thank you BMW Crew. Joe, Luke, Ken, Darren. Thank you so much.
I will go to NYC in a few days. I want to run in the course of DH.
I am feelings where it wants to go to BMWs and DQM early.

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I went to secret BOX today.

A hot day leads to Japan every day. Very, it is the heat that feels the death.
I go to BOX for the arrangement order. Quite a lot of sweats are thrown. A lot of water is drunk.
I checked Race Link. Bike of the BMWs of my treasure was checked.
I am searching for the place where Bike of BMWs can be exhibited now.
It is not possible to put it on narrow BOX. I want to sleep with Bike of BMWs.
It does to me and Bike of BMWs doesn't do the sold thing to the state without money at all either.
Bike of BMWs is my lover. BMWs is the highest. I Like Brooklyn Machine Works!!!

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I think that HOLD FAST is the best.

Launchpad of my BMWs is scheduled in union in a few days.
My feelings are things to want to get on early. And, it is a practice of the trick.
I want to actually feel the fat tire with the body.
The strap that puts the foot is very important.
I am not interested in the brand of Japan and the commodity of the NJS recognition.
I use only HOLD FAST though a lot of straps are put on the market.
I dislike the same thing as the person. Only my thing is hoped for.
The pedal is ODYSSEY. I do not do what processing at all.
I select Clear of the color of the pedal.
I swear to the god use eternal HOLD FAST.
Because HOLD FAST is the highest.
I wish to express my gratitude for Rob and Jeremiah.
My name is recorded, too. It is because I am using it.

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The minus of the painting of Clear is rust.

I like Clear better than choosing the color now.
From thing to painting of natural feeling of 4130 Crmo because I like it in it to choose color
However, a minus point of Clear is a thing that rust can be done in the place that the person touched.
Rust goes out of the place that the person touched with person's oil.
A lot of rusts are seen in the frame and the fork.
I planed rust and painted Clear.
The frame wants also to plane rust though it is only a fork today.
This is Gangsta#238. Rust has gone out of # 80 and Launchpad to it.

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I want to meet Darren early.

LOOP Magazine was put on the market on July 17 of Japan today.
2 of Chari that the Japanese who exists in NYC is managing The content of year Anniversary is recorded.
Darren of BMWs also participates. I like him very much. Do not misunderstand, and I am not feelings that come to like man.
I feel that Darren is energetic in this magazine.
And, Mr. YUKI of the staff of Chari hears and I hear the temporary return done to Japan.
And, I am preparing the completion of Launchpad.
However, there is no location of Launchpad.
I am searching for the place where Bike of BMWs can be exhibited now.
For me, BMWs is all. In apparel, DQM is me who is the highest. NYC is favorite man.
Oh...Brooklyn!!! Oh...DQM!!!
I am not interested in Japan.
It feels dissatisfied in the thing to live and the thing to work.
I am regarded whether I may live in Japan by regarding the life and one-off.

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I want the girl of the heart disease to return home safely.

Money of 90 million yen or more of the amount of money of the target was raised a fund.
I think that I am very glad. The child should live.
It is understood that a lot of people's fund-raising is help.
This girl seems to have arrived at Toronto in Canada.
Thank you we want to express our gratitude to a lot of people.
It is a message of the word of thanks that I say when this thing is me, and I.
It thinks about this child's thing like me. I pray for the thing that this child survives.

And, the wheel and the tire installed in my Launchpad were installed.
And, Launchpad can be completed next week. It will be able to get on. I am the enjoyment.
And, my HOLD FAST is the highest. I am not interested in the strap of Japan.
I like MKS and SAG, etc. hate it. I do not use it. I think that HOLD FAST is the best.
I use only HOLD FAST. I like HOLD FAST very much.

REVOKED NEW YORK MOVIE from Chris Fonseca on Vimeo.

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I want you to live.

I worry about this girl. If I have a lot of money, fund-raising is possible.
However, I raised a fund today the second.
It doesn't reach the amount of money of the target now. I hope for fund-raising from the world.
It seemed to have decided to go to the hospital in Toronto in Canada on July 13 of tomorrow's Japan.
It is necessary to be found the donor, and to return home to Japan safely by this child.
I am praying from Japan for this girl's thing.

I am not young. It is man who is working from 16 years old up to the present time.
My life cannot be understood. It thinks about the thing that my life ends well when.
This girl thinks that it wants you to live.
This girl is born, and the life of eight years is short.

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It is a schedule change because of rain today.

I went to Shibuya the motorcycle.
Afterwards, it is sudden rain if it is thought the practice of Bike.
It was not possible though had stood by with secret Box.
The friend bought Shop Towels of Scott out of stock.
The tube of 24 inches is keeping by the reserve.
The shop doesn't have the tube of the AMERICAN valve either. I am embarrassed.
My rest is only Sunday. The schedule changes if it rains. I hate snow and rain.
My schedule that has been decided on is abundant. I am not free every day. Oh...

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This child is alive hard.

I worry about the girl of the heart disease. This child should live.
This child is still young. There is a life in the future.
I think that it wants a lot of people to help.
I hope for a lot of fund-raisings. Please help this child.
This child is alive hard now. It is every day of this child today.
Our adult should help this child. Please raise a fund a lot of money.

And, I am worried by the sticker pasted to the frame of Launchpad.
Still, I have decided it to the sticker of BMW x BBC. I dislike the same thing as the person.

Day in the Life with Kevin Aiello from Dark Timbers on Vimeo.

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This is my important T-shirt.

I am T-shirt gotten from Joe of BMWs.
This T-shirt is important T-shirt for me beyond price.
This design might be carved for my body with the following NY.
I am looking for apparel and parts of old BMWs.
And, it is T-shirt of the treasure whose T-shirt of patagonia is a base.
It is T-shirt of Bike Tour of NYC. This is a thing in 1998.
I bought it by 99 cents in the thrift shop of NY.

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Parts of Park Bike were exchanged.

As for it, Twist Shifter of SRAM X-9 broke.
The decided changing the speed is not done at all. I am embarrassed.
The exchange of Shifter was determined though I did not have money at all.
The price was exchanged for a little high Trigger Shifter.
Changing the speed that satisfactory does is done now. Park Bike is very happy. I have gotten on now.
And, Euro BB of Launchpad and Sprocket of Tree were installed.
Black reached by mistake though I did not select Arms of Black.
I am ordering Arms of Chrome of No Boss now.
I plan to go to NYC for taking in a lot of parts.
I also have the celebrity who gets on favorite Gangsta. It is Alicia Keys.
It is my nostalgic Hip hop.

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I expect a lot of fund-raisings.

I feel that a lot of Japanese are cold.
Because it is not me in each wight, it seems not to be interested.
I think that I should live as a person.
Because it is still eight-year-old girl. It might be a thing with a lot of hope and dreams.
It is necessary to live as long as it is born in this world. And, a lot of people should help.
I raised a fund yesterday. I am not man who has a lot of money.
However, I want to raise a fund every month.
Please raise a fund to the person who saw my blog.
I want to rescue eight-year-old girl. Help of a lot of Japanese is asked for.
If a lot of money gathers, I think that I am glad.
I am not interested in soccer at all. In soccer, the Japanese who is making noise is doubted.
I think that person's life of me is more important. The person should think about the thing of the life.

And, the tube in the rear of my Park Bike exploded.
Because I had not gotten on, it was good. It exploded while put.
I do not stock 24 inches though I saw a lot of shops.
There is no tube of the size of width at all even if there is a tube of 24 inches. I am embarrassed.
It ordered to Bike Shop in the vicinity and tubes were exchanged. I have gotten on Park Bike now.
And, Rims and Hubs of Launchpad of BMWs were completed.
A lot of Grip arrived, too.

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