Help the child.

This child is a girl who is fighting against a heavy heart disease.
It is a thing called it is a heart disease, and remainder of its life half a year.
There is no time in Japan to wait for the donor.
The medical treatment of Japan is very slow. It is necessary to transplant the heart early.
This child is eight years old. The child has hope. Be alive long hereafter or exist.
In Japanese yen, it is necessary to collect money of 90 million yen.
Money has not been added now yet. It is necessary to collect a lot of money.
Seeing my blog hopes for fund-raising. Of course, I raise a fund.
Please look at HP here. I think that a lot of money gathers.


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Tires of Park Bike and SS were exchanged.

I exchanged tires of SS first. It is asleep now with secret BOX. The period of this amount is sealed.
I exchanged tires of Park Bike last week. I have gotten on Park Bike now.
For me, Park Bike of Joe is a treasure.
I cut, and lengthened the stickers of BROOKLYN. It was pasted to Park Bike.
Forks of FOX was bought. I like fork of FOX. I am glad with much satisfaction.

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It is a sneaker presents to Ben of DQM.

It is CONVERSE that it wants Ben of DQM. This is sales only of Japan.
It was not sold to any shop. I was able to buy it by looking for at last.
I will send it to NYC in a few days. If Ben is pleased, I am glad.

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New parts were bought.

I bought Rims of Chukker of Velocity. It is 32h. It unites it with Hubs of Profile now.
And, I have 36h of Chukker. Now, the united thing is undecided.
I try to complete Launchpad of BMWs now.
I thought about the exchange of tires of Park Bike and SS.
I decided it to Factory FS 100 of TIOGA.
I exchanged tires of SS. And, the exchange of Park Bike is scheduled next week.
Hereafter, I will get on Park Bike for the time being.
It is Brandy of today's R&B. It is a tune in 1998.
It is Cover of M.J The woman who sings is Brandy.

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The motorcycle is the highest.

I want to take the motorcycle in the United States.
I worry now though there is a motorcycle wanting it.
I have the license that the motorcycle of all engine displacements can get on.

Matt Buyten in 2011 Mayhem gear from O'Neal Motocross on Vimeo.

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The person comes the death some time.

Aren't a lot of people solitary?
Is there a friend with whom it consults about all things?
I am not. I find an answer to a question by thinking independently.
Because the end is a thing decided oneself even if it consults the person, I do not have hearing person's opinion.
It was my poverty-stricken life in the childhood. There was no food.
A lot of Japanese have committed suicide. As for me, living in Japan is painful.
I think that a lot of Japanese also think like me. I am working go to NYC by the enjoyment now.
In it, BMWs and DQM are all my enjoyments. The person comes the death at latest.
Please do not commit suicide from oneself. I am solitary now. It is feelings that become one person.
It will not be able to be understood that the person doesn't get sick.
I think that I cannot live long. I enjoy Bike of BMWs now and it enjoys getting on.
However, the Japanese is doing a peaceful chaenomeles speciosa.

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It got on Gangsta#80 after a long time.

The condition of the body is bad though I am a long period.
It is a bad situation now. However, when it can get on Bike, a poor body can be forgotten.
I went to secret Box today. The state of Bike that was the sleep was confirmed.
To exchange Park Bike for the tire of SS, it ordered.
This is Rims of Purple CNC of Velocity DEEP V of the installation schedule in a few days.
It was union to this last week. It sleeps in Box now.
In Japan, there is a shop of LOTTERIA. This is limited time.
My friend seems to have eaten. It is a tower cheeseburger. The price is 990 yen.
I have not eaten yet. How does it eat this?

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I was able to find this records.

I was searching for this record for a long time. This tune is the one in 1983.
At last, I was able to find it. I have it now. Thank you.
It is To be or not be(The Hitler Rap) of Mel Brooks.
like It 's Good to be the king. .

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I get on SS at a little time.

I was worried about the exchange of Disc Brake of SS XL 26 "
I worried because of the brand of Disc Brake. And, the result chose Avid bb7.
Still, MTB is very good. I want Bike of BMWs in succession.
I will choose in order of BMX, SR6, and New Big Ben.
The chains of Gangsta#80 were exchanged. From chain of HKK to chain of Charge Bikes
The chain of Launchpad will also put up the same thing.
I cannot unite Launchpad now. Because there is no depository at all.

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Parts were exchanged.

The brakes in the rear of Street Sweeper were exchanged.
It was exchanged from HOPE M4 to Disc Brake of Avid bb7.
Gangsta#80 is rested for the exchange of the chain. I will get on SS for the time being.
I completed installing today. Oh...
I feel SS very heavy because it had gotten on Gangsta up to the present time.

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