I want to meet Wes early.

It is Wes of the child of Joe of BMWs. It can get on Gangsta made in Taiwan.
I want to see the appearance of the growth of Wes in the future.
I am not young. It thinks whether the appearance of Wes can be able to be seen by when.
And, Cap of Red Bull that I also want is good.
Last time, it is a thing written for me.
I want to carve the body the name of me whom Wes wrote with next NY.
I do worrying because of the size now. I want to go to NY, and to decide it.
I Love NY!!! I Love BMW!!! Nice MTB!!!!!!!???


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It is possible to still run with this tire.

I think that I am a tire that can still run.
I have the stock of the tire of Randonneur of Vittoria.
However, I feel the tire heavy. I might exchange it for a light tire.
It thinks the tire of which brand is good.
I think that there are a lot of people who are putting up free Cog now.
Bike in which the brake is not installed seems to stop in the police eyes in Tokyo.
I am unrelated. It talks when I am stopped to the police.
I will run away when I am troublesome. I think that I am foolish Japan.
I think that the police in Japan are numerous when it wants you to work by the line of vision in a different thing.
I want you to think about the thing that it is possible to live by our tax.
I think that I am very foolish Japan. I do not think the boast at all as the Japanese.
I am an opinion all licenses are owned. I am doing all the ideas to the vehicle.
And, it is a fork of will being temporarily to exchange it.
It is Clusterforks of Made in Brooklyn now.

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For me, BMWs is all.

Email arrived from Leigh of the wife of Joe of BMWs.
The photograph of Leigh and Wes was sent.
I think that I am very glad. This was made a photograph.
I want to keep the photograph, to put in the picture of the photograph, and to leave it.
I want to see the appearance of the growth of Wes in the future.
I want to meet Wes though I do not understand alive by when.
And, it is Joe to get on SR6 that Ken sent.
It is Ken to take the photograph. It is SR6 now while testing. BMWs is the highest.
I want also to go to NYC at once. Thank you BMW.

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I have a lot of hobbies.

I do not buy the commodity in Japan. It is Supreme.
It doesn't go to the shop in Japan. It is because the price is high.
I am not interested in present Supreme.
Especially, it is not interested in the commodity that W name and the Japanese with the brand of Japan designed at all.
I doubt whether the Japanese designs.
This time, it is Surfstyle Cruiser Decks that has been bought with Supreme of NYC.
In NYC, the price is $49. Japan is 9450 yen. I feel the doubt in the price.
I paste Griptape. And, I am worried by the size of Wheel. The change of Truck is thought.
I worry now. Oh..............................!!!

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It is Claer painting of fork completion.

The painting of the fork of Gangsta ended.
And, press-fitting Star nut and Base plate ended, too.
It is a fork that went out of production. It will become a valuable fork in the future.
The strap of Black of HOLD FAST is tired. I exchanged it for the strap of Grey.
I exchanged pedals at the same time.
I hope for the thing that is not the same color as some people.

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I will send BMWs the magazine in a few days.

Moreover, new LOOP Magazine was put on the market. This time, HOLD FAST is featured.
I am looking forward to being meet Rob and Jeremiah next time.
I do not see the magazine of Japan. It doesn't become study, and it is not interesting.
The Japanese likes the same thing as the person. It starts being fashionable.
I am T-shirt of HOLD FAST gotten from Rob before.
My girlfriend is wearing it small in me now. She is satisfied with this T-shirt.
Tattoo of the star of HOLD FAST enters for her arm. Mutually, I like HOLD FAST.
I will carve Tattoo of HOLD FAST with NYC next time.
I do not like present Hip hop. Hip hop of independent music is becoming empty now.
I heard this records after a long time.

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It is a fork of Gangsta of the production stoppage.

In the future, it will be fork of Gangsta that becomes very valuable.
Moreover, it is a fork with the plinth of V brake. I took it home to Japan while unpainted.
I painted on Clear. Painting ended in it. It is not scheduled to install it still.
I press-fit Star nut and Baseplates. I do not schedule the brake to be put up now.

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I do not put on adidas.

I am not interested in adidas. It is not appropriate for my foot.
Sideward of adidas is thin though it is regrettable. For me, it feels it tightly.
The color is not my favor. However, BMWs is one wanting it in me favorite.

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It gets on Gangsta#238 again.

I get on Gangsta#238 doesn't get on recently.
Gangsta#80 takes a rest now.
Because I wanted to maintain it, it is testing getting on.
It is a wheel of offered SHIMANO WH-7701 free of charge.
It is an old considerably wheel. I do not like it.
I am not interested though I might install. I plan to offer it to someone free of charge.
I am Hip hop of the independent music heard today. It is TIME MACHINE.

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I am feelings where it wants to go to NYC.

I am not interested in Japan at all. As for it, living in Japan is painful.
The Japanese is hated though I am Japanese. It feels pressured.
I am man after the war. However, I like United States.
I feel dissatisfied in the politics of Japan.
The adult who is alive longer than I is foolish. And, when a young person today also is looking, I can get tired.
For me, BMWs is all. In it, NYC is all.
It is Mr. Haze written for Joe of BMWs. I also want me to write.

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I leave the photograph of present Wes.

It is Wes of the child of Joe of BMWs.
I want to leave the thing that Wes today wrote. It was kept in the panel.
I like Wes. And, there are a lot of treasures.
I want to leave the photograph of the appearance of present Wes.
Next time, I am looking forward to the thing that it can meet Wes.
And, BMW Crew is participating in Downhill now.
Downhill continues at the end of October. I want also to go and to participate.
And, it is LOOP Magazine put on the market in Japan.
I will send it to BMWs by the end of this month.
And, I will send T-shirt of a special order for Joe and Wes.

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It is Crosssta frame of Brooklyn.

It is New Bike of Chris of NYC. Of course, it is Brooklyn.
It is a frame of Prototype now. It is a very light frame.
It is a secret frame now. A little frame is made.
I will inform them of detailed information by blog of BMWs or my blog.
I felt the frame that I had obtained in the weight title of the cycle race.
And, it is NIKE ZOOM CLASSIC SB of a Japanese unsale.
CLASSIC SB and my VANS are good and the condition is good now.

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It is news of New Big Ben.

It is a long national holiday in Japan. A lot of Japanese are taking a rest.
However, the national holiday is not related to me. I am working.

There was a report from Ken of the welding engineer of BMWs today.
It seems to have completed New Big Ben. I want it.
And, I want to drink the beer early with Ken.
Same geo as the previous generation and built with True Temper Supertherm main tubes. Weighs in at 4lbs. 14oz. Rides sweet.
The price of New Big Ben might be updated in the blog of BMWs.
Or, information might be possible by my blog.

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I want to get on The Launchpad early.

My The Launchpad is Euro BB of Short. The serial number is # 107.
It worried because of the serial number of a lot of Clear.
And, I asked Ken for the custom. My name and BMWs were input to the frame.
And, Seat chose Turbo of Selle ITALIA. I bought it with NYC.
Even if a favorite brand and the design are chosen, Seat might be not appropriate for hips.
I think that Seat is important. All the positions change. It is my idea.

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