I wanted to participate.

I am regrettable for work.

100% Pure Fighter 2009 from hassy on Vimeo.

Cycle Messenger World Championship 2009 Tokyo, Japan from Eli Tokyo Jitensha-Jin on Vimeo.

I am glad of the thing that it was able to meet Joe of BMWs in Japan.
It is Seat of new Selle San marco and Selle ITALIA found in New York.
The number of Seat is one $25. I am glad.


Posted at 20:49 | BIKE |

Supreme? why

It is Supreme visited when going to New York.
I think that the person's going in and out has decreased also in New York and Japan.
I do not go to Supreme of Japan. Because it is high.
This time, it is bought Supreme x Vans Half Cab.
The stickers was gotten free of charge. Thank you always.
Supreme Crew New York. Thanks!!!

Posted at 22:58 | FASHION |

It scribbles on Gangsta.

It is Gangsta of which it came to Japan with Joe for last month's CMWC 2009 Tokyo.
I scribbled on Gangsta. The thing of which Gangsta comes to my hand has been hoped for some time.
It is my new Gangsta. From SETH.
Gangsta is the fourth in this. I want Gangsta.

Posted at 06:45 | NEW YORK |

BMWs was visited.

It is a visit to long-awaited BMWs. It met Joe since meeting in Japan again.
It went for Joe, welding engineer's Ken, and me to eat the pizza. I like pizza here.
Joe always pays money. Thank you. It is young Joe.

I wanted to meet Darren. And, it was possible to meet
It is Nike Zoom Tiempo presented from Darren. It is NYC color. I am glad.
Thanks!!! Darren.

Posted at 07:28 | NEW YORK |

I went to DQM.

After NY had arrived, DQM was visited.
It presented Seat to John of DQM.
Please install this, and test. I am a shop that is interested in all things.

I shop in the shop.
It goes to the Tattoo shop back. Carl and the photograph are taken before it goes.
It goes to DQM on Monday again.

Posted at 10:31 | NEW YORK |

I am in NYC.

It is New York of half a year. And, it is a solitary journey.
I am not lonely at all. It might be better than being in Japan.
It turned round DQM, Supreme, Patagonia, and various shops.
Tattoo of Brooklyn Machine Works and DQM is put. This is updated back.
Stussy New York came back. Union closed the store. It opened in the place there.

Posted at 10:54 | NEW YORK |

It is my change of heart.

It doesn't change in Hubs, Cogs, and the lock ring.
Rims was damaged because of the crash before Gangsta#65.
It exchanges it from ARAYA to Rims of ALEXRIM.

Max saddle of Blue Lug bought so that I may use it
I do not use it. It seems not to want it though it heard from Darren of BMWs.
I will present it to John of DQM. He worries about whether use it.
It is Seat of Carbon that doesn't arrive to Chari&Co.
I pasted the stickers of Blue Lug in the back.

Posted at 20:36 | BIKE |

Parts are exchanged.

Pedal, Toe Clip, and Doule Straps are exchanged for the new article.
All parts are MKS. Clip and Straps are NJS.

It exchanges it from Chain of IZUMI to Chain of KMS.
It exchanges it for Chain of Pink/Black of KMC.
The person of the turn sees Gangsta with me.

Posted at 18:44 | BIKE |

I feel it in the doubt.

It was Nike SB Classic presented to Joe of the BMWs of which it comes to Japan in CMWC Tokyo 2009 last month.
It doesn't record even in HP of Nike SB. The sale in Japan is not done.
It is why. I think that it is a sneakers beyond price.
It is a sneakers presented by BMW Crew. I am a life that grows up poorly. The thing is valued.
This sneakers put on Joe. I cannot importantly put it on.
I think that I am a special sneakers. I am pleased to put in the house.
Thank you so much. Brooklyn Machine Works!!!

I went to BAPE Kids last Sunday.
Wear is chosen for Wes of the child of Joe of BMWs.
This is the first camouflage of APE. I think that it is a valuable thing.
The staff of BAPE Kids also said. The thing taken to the United States was recommended by all means.
Please try Wes and this on. I pray.

Posted at 18:20 | FASHION |

It is an exchange.

Rims is exchanged for the tire. It is Gangsta#65 of BMWs.
The brand of Rims is undecided. 83 might unite it. It is also undecided.
Gangsta#65 is re-painting now. It is the same color.
I am not rising to 46cm for a long time.

Posted at 18:51 | BIKE |

It is early in NYC.

The 12th of Japan is a national holiday at Health & Sports Day today.
It doesn't relate to me at the national holiday etc.I am working today.

I want to go to New York early. My purpose is BMWs and DQM.
This time, Tattoo is carved in New York. I am very the enjoyment.
This design might be this.
I want to see this sneakers. It is Half Cab of Vans of Supreme.

Posted at 18:18 | DIARY |

I examine Seat.

It is max saddle bought with Blue Lug. The stickers of BKLYN was pasted behind.
The homepage and the blog of Blue Lug became new.
I think that it became easy to see. A very good shop is in Shibuya.

It is a very low price. I am satisfied. However, I do not schedule to install it.
I think by designing Seat. And, how about feeling to which it sits?I am not trying.
Seat is sold out in the shop of this. Do I try?I will take New York this Seat.
And, the woman in Japan must get on Fixed Bike.
The Woman who gets on Fixed Bike is Cool.
Let's get on every day. However, it takes care.

And, it is T-shirt of BAPE bought for Joe of BMWs.
It is special T-shirt. It is T-shirt not sold in the shop. I take it to New York.

Posted at 19:18 | BIKE |

The typhoon left.

It is early in my morning. It gets wet because of rain and is cold on business in the body from the morning.
Public transport has fallen into disorder in Tokyo for the typhoon.
The wind is very strong though rain stopped. The temperature goes up, too.
I cannot get on Bike. I walk. Walking is not painful.
I feel it in abnormality of the phenomenon of nature. I stare into vacant space. The cloud is early the flow, and the sky is blue sky.

The photograph arrived from Chris of New York.
It is a place of Diablo Freeride Park done as Joe of BMWs.
Bike is SR6 and SR8.
I want to go to this Park. However, the real intention might be scared.
Thank you for Chris and the photograph.
Only Chris is No.1 of the BMWs fan.

Posted at 18:31 | DIARY |

It is a typhoon again.

The typhoon might hit Japan.
The temperature of Tokyo of today is 17°. It is very cold.
I cannot get on Bike. It doesn't want to get on.
I hate rain very much. It seems to become the worst day on Thursday. I think that rain and the wind are awful.
My body is very dirty on business. I cry.

doom x hfwido from wolfgang on Vimeo.

I practiced in the Soshigaya park in Setagaya on Sunday.
Gangsta and I cry.
Rain and it are rain. I cannot become obedient.

Posted at 19:29 | DIARY |

The frame is good in rust.

It is Gangsta of Austin being supported by BMWs. It came to Japan with Joe for CMWC 2009.
I got on. I think Bike that has adhered the brake to be to be wanted a test ride.
However, there is a fork. It is not scheduled to put it now.

My Gangsta#238 is tested now. And, the number of rear tires decreases.
I exchange the tire for the tube today. And, it is tested again.

The stock of the tire is scheduled to be increased. It is possible to exchange it at any time.
Is the thing that I am supported by BMWs a Dream? It is the impossible. I understand.
It is a dream dream again. I feel it.

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