I wish to express my gratitude.

It is a commodity of DQM for which Darren hoped to Joe of the BMWs of which it comes to Japan to this month.
Thank you, Joe and Darren.
Thank you very much for Joe, Austin, and the visit to Japan.
I am relieved because I return home safely.
The stay of Japan might have been tired. Please Take a rest.

It is Track Hubs of Dura Ace that Darren wanted.
It is his favorite NJS. I was waiting for arrival of goods. It was thought that it was possible to pass it to Joe.
It was not possible. I take it to New York.

It is a magazine of PEDAL SPEED NYC put on the market in Japan.
Brooklyn Machine Works by which I have the interests best is recorded.
Darren is a good companion. Gangsta of Luke is Cool. The getting on taste is the highest.
DQM is a shop to which I pay attention most. DQM is the highest.
There are Carl, Kyle, and John always. Thanks!!!


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It gets on. Practice.

It is a woman that is interested in Fixed.
She was interested in the thing that I had gotten on.
My Gangsta#238 is put to her. And, it practices.

I think that the public road is dangerous still. She practices every day.
She says that all tricks want to do. Every day is a practice.
Practice, practice, and get on.

Posted at 20:16 | BIKE |

Thank you Darren.

It received it from Joe of BMWs.
Darren and Joe. Thanks!!!
Thank you very much for the visit to Japan for CMWC as for Joe and Austin.

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Gangsta that Joe brought in to Japan

The shape etc. of the pipe are different though externals are the same.
The fork that has adhered to this Gangsta is made in Taiwan. The fork and the shape of Made in Brooklyn are different.
Stem is good. I want it.
It is Gangsta now while testing.
I tested at once. It is good.

Posted at 23:05 | BIKE |

Joe and Austin came to Japan.

It met two people in W-BASE on Sunday yesterday. I was glad.
Joe and Austin seemed to be energetic, and I was relieved. And, please enjoy ten days when it stays in Japan.

There is a day with my time only on Sunday. From Monday to Saturday is every day of work.
I am very painful on business in the body at full pressure in Japan.
It talks with Joe if I have time, I do not have time though I want to eat with Joe.
I am working to buy Bike in case of the purpose is to go to New York. It thinks of BMWs more than me and I do not think that there is a favorite person.
The sneaker of Nike SB was presented from Joe. We wish to express our gratitude for BMW Crew. It was addition in box message

New T-shirt was offered from Joe. Thank you.
It is wonderful though it is simple T-shirt.
Thank you, Brooklyn Machine Works.

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What is this?

It is New Bike of Kazu of downtown.
The first Fixed Bike of him was 3Rensho.
He has Erba of the cycle race and Gangsta#67 of BMWs now.
He has not gotten on though it has Park Bike.

Frame & Fork COLNAGO VINTAGE PISTA by Fanny!! 55cm
Color Team NEGRI ?
Headset vintage campagnolo (njs)
Stem 3ttt campagnolo 90mm
Handle Bar B-Witch
BB & Crank vintage campagnolo PISTA
Chainring vintage campagnolo 50T
Pedal vintage campagnolo
Toe Clip vintage campagnolo
Toe Straps vintage campagnolo
Seat Post vintage campagnolo
Wheels vintage campagnolo (njs) HUB 36h
H PLUS SON RIM is f650c r700c

Is this Bike a good thing?I do not understand.
There is especially no impression though gotten on by me.
I am only BMWs. It is not interested in other brands.
Good Music. and Underground Hip hop.

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It is a sad event.

I went to SSP of Koto Ward in Tokyo after a long time.
I get on Gangsta#238 and Park Bike.
The person who practices Skateboards is also numerous.
A lot of people do a favorite thing and play. I am satisfied.

Boards breaks on the fourth day after it buys it.
The owner of Boards has fractured his hand. He is practicing though he doesn't recover the hand.

Mr. Rad perfectly divides Boards.
The owner of Boards had a sad face and came home.
Everything ended by this.

Please check it.
Joe of Brooklyn Machine Works and rider's Austin come to Japan for CMWC 2009.
The length of stay is the 26th this month from the 17th.

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It is not possible to forget.

It is 11 in September in Japan standard time today. It is a day never forgotten.
Eight years from this day cut off. I always recall it. The person in the whole country doesn't think to forget this day.
It is September 11, 2001. It is a tragedy, and I cry.
All programs of Japan were these images.

I went to New York at once. It was stopped that do not go from a lot of people.
Only the person who counted always took the airplane for New York of overcapacity.
I was surprised. The thing at that time is recalled.
Do not forget the thing that a lot of people died.

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It got on after a long time.

I get on Park Bike by commuting and play.
It is Park Bike after a long time. It is very good.
It was bought from Joe. It is happy to get on.
Gangsta is good, and Park Bike is good.

Everyone says that it will want this Park Bike.
I cannot sell this Park Bike.
This Park Bike is the highest.
In getting on to Bike of all BMWs, I am Happy.

Posted at 21:33 | BIKE |

It is undecided to put on this Vans.

It is Vans Era that has been bought in New York this year.
I hesitated to buy this Vans. However, the bought price is $59 in me.
I like Era now. It buys and there is no regret.

Posted at 18:52 | FASHION |

It became beautiful.

It is a fork of Gangsta taken home to remaining the unpainting from New York.
It was painted on Clear exceeding time. It is very beautiful.

We want to express our gratitude to my big brother's friend. Rust was seen, and it polished and this was painted on Clear.
Ken welded the plinth of the brake. I recall a very hot thing though I had the fork after it welds.
As for me, the brake is not scheduled to be installed. However, I wanted this fork.
I will install Star nut and Base Plate. BMW, Thank You!!!

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