The typhoon has come.

Rain and the wind of Tokyo are very strong today.
Hereafter, it becomes stronger. Please return to the house early.
The train and the airplane stop for the typhoon. Please note it.

The box where Nagasawa of Seth of BMWs was put was found.
Seth seems to resign BMWs though I do not understand what reason it is.
It is slow to send Nagasawa, and apologizes to Seth.
This Nagasawa is very valuable. And, when Seth sees, I will be beautifully surprised.
The frame is importantly packed in the box.
To wrap it, the frame was packed.
I asked for the thing sent to the Bike shop today.


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It is Bike that everyone watches.

My room is full of Bike, parts, clothes, and sneakers.
Garbage is also full. I cleaned it.
I was not at the time etc. completely cleaned.
Recently, only Gangsta got on me. Race Link was asleep at long time.
I moved Race Link after a long time.
However, there is no place in which it visits it in Japan.

I am doubted though it is popular Fixed Bike now.
Joe thought and Gangsta appeared. When Gangsta was not produced with BMWs、
I did not get on.
I am not interested in all things of Japan and Bike of the cycle race.
For me, BMWs is all. It is only Bike of BMWs.

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I am worried about Seat.

Last time, it is Seat of WTB of $20 bought in New York.
I am a fall of a secret story.
It is the state as it is and it exists for the practice that she of me gets on.

I worry though I want to exchange even at once.
Which Seat is it?I have a lot of Seat.
However, I dislike Seat of the fashion. The same thing as the person is disliked.


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I wanted to sit.

I went to Blue Lug yesterday.
I buy small parts with Blue Lug. It is a very good shop.
Original Max Saddle of Blue Lug was visited and because I had wanted to see me, the shop was visited.

I wanted to see, wanted to touch, and decided it to this Saddle.
I will put up this Saddle to Gangsta#238.
Blue Lug is a very good shop. Please go by all means.

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This SB is anxious though I am interested only in Vans now.
The sale in Japan is undecided though it is thought that it is put on the market in the United States.
Classic SB is good in the NIKE SB series.
The arrival of Japan is very slow.

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My head is full now.

They are parts of Profile bought in New York.
My room is full of Bike and parts.

It is Gangsta#9 thought that it is the first Baby of me.
Gangsta#9 is asleep together on my side.
It is valuable Gangsta now. It is important Bike for me.

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Please look at the blog of BMWs.

Please look at the blog that Luke of BMWs updated.
It is Luke to wear the stuffed animal.
I will go to this year's Bike Kill.
People who participate in Bike Kill are Crazy. I like such people.

Japan is very hot now. When I might die of work, I have it
However, the beer that ends work and is drunk is the highest.
I drink the beer very much. It goes to Rest Room very much.
The brand of Rest Room of Japan is TOTO.
Now, Rock that I had heard first was TOTO if it thought.

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I offer this.

This is a stickers of Trackstar of the shop of Fixed Bike of New York.
I offer it to you free of charge.
You who wants it must inform me of it.
I think that favorite Bike is a friend.
The overseas shipment is not done.
Let me Now.

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I want to experience it.

I have SS XL 26 of past Bike of BMWs.
Only one frame of SS XL 26 that I have exists. It is a very valuable frame.
It painted the second. It is not scheduled to unite it now. There is no depository in my room even if it completes it.
Bike of Single Speed has only SS XL 26 in me now.
I want Big Ben now. However, I want Gangsta.
It is thought that it all wants Bike of the BMWs that I do not have if it thinks.
I think very much. When I was able to run, I think it is Comfortable.

Days of Thunder 2009- VideoBlog Day#4 from LowFiBicycleClub on Vimeo.

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