It is crazy about Vans.

I like Vans for a long time. I like Era recently.
It is not interested in recent SB though it puts on Nike SB.
It is Era of Supreme bought in New York in April this year. When buying it, I thought. Supreme today ends.

I had decided Era to be bought with DQM before it went to New York.
I am glad to buy Era of the gray.
It is undecided to put on these Era.


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This thing is sent.

It is BB for Nagasawa of Seth. My friend offered it.
Please choose BB that it likes Seth. And, please install it.
Nagasawa of Seth cannot be sent still. There is no box still.
Seth, I'm Sorry I'm Late.

These parts are the selections of Darren.
It is a crank of Sugino 75 and a seat post of Dura Ace. It is favorite NJS of Darren.
Darren, Please wait to send parts.

Last time, the noodle was made in the house of Luke. We wish to express our gratitude for Luke.
It is a painful noodle of South Korea sold in the noodle and Japan in painful Japan.
I say that my friend is delicious though I have not eaten.
Luke, It sends it for you. Please eat the noodle

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Test ride

Darren tests SR6 of Luke.
It was a moment that had come for me to want it.
Please test when you go to BMWs.
Please get on and compare SR6 and SR8.
Goodness is sure to be understood.



I offer the stickers of AVALANCHE.
These several stickers are offered.
Please give the report to me. However, the overseas shipment is not done.
This will reach your hand free of charge.

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What feeling is New York today?

Please look at the blog of BMWs. Please look at once.
It is possible to laugh at Darren and Luke. It is not possible to go though I can also participate and it is glad.
I will send Handle Bar of Cr-Mo of NITTO for Seth.
This is NJS. Seth must decide whether to put it.
Someone must use it when Seth doesn't use it.


I bought Seat for Seth. This is a valuable thing of NJS.
It is Seat of the cycle race recognition. It is very unusual and a new article.
The theft of cycle race Bike and Fixed Bike has increased very much in Japan now.
Please take care even about New York. Please look at Bike

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The air pressure is checked.

Recently, rain is a lot of Japan that is. And, it cannot get on Bike.
I am not happy in the Life of Japan now. It has gotten tired of Japan.
Oh.......New York.........


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I visited DQM in April this year.
However, I was crazy about T-shirt and the cap.
I had forgotten to buy Bag of DQM.
And, I asked Darren of BMWs for purchase.
I am very glad. And, we wish to express our gratitude for Darren.

I will send 3Rensho early for Darren.
I will send Nagasawa of Seth. However, there is no box.
I want to go to Brooklyn early.
BMWs is the highest.

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Independence Day

The United States was a national holiday yesterday.
I faced July 4 with Los Angeles 17 years ago.
Years of the same title have passed since I begin to go to New York.

I want to go to BMWs and DQM early.
I asked Darren of BMWs for the purchase of the commodity of DQM because I was not able to go to New York now.
Thank You!!! Darren.
I wish to express my gratitude to him.
BMWs is Respected. And, I assist.
_Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00096-20090704-1236

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I want to go to BMWs early.

Please look at the blog of BMWs at once. It regrets if it doesn't see.
And, individual order, please. Telephone or email, please.
I want to meet Joe, Luke, Seth, Ken, and Darren early.
I am e-mailing with Darren now. His energetic appearance is seen in the photograph.

3Rensho bought for him cannot be sent to New York.
Why does Japan have a lot of restrictions?I am doubted.

Now, it is Nagasawa of Seth that cannot be packed because there is no box.
I want to send it to New York early.
It might be earlier that I go to New York together. I worry every day.

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Sending out

It went to the office of USPS of New York with Darren.
The sending out destination is Taiwan. I am surprised at the order from Taiwan.
However, it was hot in New York of this day

And, it is not possible to send it to New York though 3Rensho of Darren was packed.
In Japan, the size of the box is restricted. And, the price is very high.
I cannot send it though I want to send early.
Nagasawa of Seth and parts of Darren cannot be sent.
I am worried for You.

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