I doubt in the color of this Dunk SB.

I thought that the pink color was good, but felt a question to the silver of the line of the mark of Nike. This thinks that the collar of the silver is improper. I may not purchase it. And I think that a color and the model of the recent SB are funny.


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Oh..Nike Dunk SB "Shrimp" New!!!

In my favorite DQM, new Dunk SB was sold.
I cannot touch it to see a genuine article now. If this is not released in Japan, I am glad.
I think whether I order this. I may want this Dunk.

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This arrived today from NY.

I expect the sneakers of the Nike SB which does not let you release it in Japan. It is important to the color.
This is Dunk which is not released in Japan. This is not my thing. I ordered it for the northeastern young skateboarders whom I supported. I thank for a shop of much NY. Thanks!!!

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I arrange clothes.

I do not like brand of Japan.
And, it doesn't like brand that the United States brand also has the agency in Japan.
I do not shop for clothes in Japan. This doesn't buy my thing alone.
Japan's price is very high. All my things are bought with NYC.
When Fall and Winter are received, Japan puts on clothes of the brand of the mountain.
I like brand of the mountain. It is not an entire brand.
I have clothes of the brand of a lot of mountains. I like functionality of the brand of the mountain.
As for it, even if it takes the motorcycle, I do not feel the cold.
I had forgotten this JKT.
This is Das Parka of patagonia. It is a valuable model in 2001.
A present design is different. This unused the new article.
I think whether it sells or put it on.

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I do not buy the thing related to apparel in Japan.

I buy all the apparel things with NYC.
As for my today apparel brand, I like DQM very much.
As for the sneakers, I like Vans and Nike SB. I today think that Vans is good.
It likes sneaker with Vans though I do not like Supreme today.
I especially like Half Cab and Era.
I am requesting the sneakers from which Nike SB is not sold in Japan. I dislike the same thing as the person.
This is Zoom Classic SB and Blazer SB CS. The price of it is lower than that of Japan.
It is Bruin SB that has been bought for my girlfriend.
This is Bruin put on the market to July in 2009.
The price is very cheap $39. This was only one unsold stuff.

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